Comm100 features

The possibilities are virtually endless

Here’s a good sample of what the Comm100 platform can do for you. If we tried to list every feature and capability that we’ve introduced since 2009, you’d be here all day. Don’t see something you need? Chat with us!


Live Chat





Comm100 Multi-Channel includes Live Chat, Social Media, Ticketing and Knowledge Base. To vew the Live Chat features, please click on the Live Chat tab.
Social Media
  • Unified with comm100 agent console
  • Multiple social media accounts
  • Manage Facebook messages and posts
  • Manage Tweets and Twitter direct messages
  • Manage WeChat Official Account subscriber messages
  • Auto routing rules
  • Multiple filters
  • Conversation list
  • Conversation info & history
  • Social user account information display
  • Internal notes
  • Label and tag
  • Assign social inquiries to a certain department
  • Assign social inquiries to a certain agent
  • Social performance reports
Knowledge Base
Comm100 AI is an extention of Live Chat Enterprise or Multi-Channel Enterprise. To view the Live Chat features, please click on the Live Chat tab.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Personal responses for the same question
  • Dynamic form fields based on collected visitor information
  • Bot sensitivity
  • Collect information via prompts
  • Collect information via forms
  • Rich responses with text/button/image/video/webhooks/quick replies
  • Customize greeting messages for different channels
  • Machine learning from visitor questions
  • Perform actions – bookings, transactions and more
  • Built-in small talk
  • Bulk Q&A import
  • Test simulator
  • Connect to visitor accounts through SSO or custom variables
  • Multi-language bots
  • Import/export of bots
  • Smart triggers
  • Automated chat distribution between bot and agent
  • Customize routing proportion between agent and bot
  • Set agent permissions
  • Supervision and quality control
  • Exportable reporting data
  • Bot performance reports

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