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Features | Agent Experience

Comm100 Agent Desktop App

Comm100 offers a desktop application of the agent console to enhance your chat/ticketing experience. The desktop app has all the features of the web app, enabling you to monitor visitors in real time, chat with visitors efficiently, collaborate with other agents, as well as handling tickets from all different channels. And there is more!

Sound & Pop-up Notification

Sound and Pop-Up Notifications

Just like the web app, the desktop version supports sound and pop-up notifications for new visitors, chats, responses and other events. Instant notifications ensure you can respond to visitors quickly so no opportunities or requests are missed.

Auto Start & Login

Auto Startup/Logout

Auto start your Comm100 agent console every time your computer starts and avoid the hassle of running it again manually. Also, if your mouse and keyboard stay idle for a predefined period of time, you are automatically logged out from your Comm100 account.

Auto Away Setting

Auto Away

Missing a visitor’s chat request can mean missed sales or service opportunities. Therefore, the desktop app allows your status to be set to Away automatically after being idle for a pre-defined period of time. While your status is set to Away, no incoming chats are sent to you and visitors are able to leave a message.

Always Up-to-Date

Auto Update

Comm100 Agent Desktop App downloads and installs updates automatically whenever there is a new version available. Installations of new updates are seamless and quick, and no uninstallation of older versions are required to keep your desktop app up to date.