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Live Chat Conversions

Measuring conversions and ROI from your live chat tool is now easier than ever. Trace which chats drive customer conversions – from making a purchase, signing up for an account, or downloading a content offer. With all the data available, we understand how valuable unique ROI insights and data will help inform your chat performance and optimization.

Assigning dollar value and understanding how your live chat directly contributes to your bottom line helps you gauge the success of your live chat and identify areas for future improvement.

Comm100 analytics function gives you the options to define conversion actions

Define Your Conversion Actions

Define your own conversion actions based on your business needs – it can by any customer activity that is valuable to your business. Define your conversion actions using:

  • Current Page URL – when visitors arrive at a certain page, or pages, such as a checkout or payment successful page
  • Custom Variable – when a custom variable reaches a certain value
  • API – you can also transmit conversion data to your Comm100 Live Chat account through API
Comm100 analytics feature gives you the options to assign a value towards a conversion goal

Assign a Dollar Value for Each Conversion

For each conversion action you can assign a dollar value, representing how much you consider the conversion is worth to you, and see the total achieved value in reports. You can also assign a custom variable and track the actual figures, such as each specific purchase amount.

with comm100 analytics, you can track chats that drive conversions based on your preference

Trace Chats That Drive Conversions

It’s important to know which chat led to your desired conversion action. Comm100 Live Chat allows you to choose whether it’s the first or last chat your visitor had with agents that contributed to conversion.

You can also enable an option so that only recent chats with a qualified number of visitor messages are valid for driving conversions, allowing you to filter out short or old chats.

Conversion details such as action name, conversion time and achieved dollar value are captured in each chat transcript to help you keep track. Data from pre-chat survey, custom variables, and CRM fields (Salesforce) can also be traced for accurate conversion tracking. For example, if you are tracking a purchase, you can add the Order Number custom variable to race the order to the conversion.

comm100 analytics provides reports on your conversion actions

Action on Conversion Reporting

Conversion Reporting shows all achieved conversions, total conversion value, and your live chat conversion rate. You can also compare performance in different time periods, among departments or agents, and between conversion actions.

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