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Live chat for telecom and utilities

Are you ready to be the service provider that everyone loves?

As telecommunication and utility markets open up under deregulation and service providers face increased competition, customer service will become the new battleground for survival. Customers expect – or even demand – effortless, timely, and responsive service across whichever communication channel they choose. Live chat and messaging are rapidly gaining favor thanks to their accessibility, ease of use, and speed – which is why you need an omnichannel engagement platform that can unify these conversations.

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Improve accessibility

Even if your organization leads the pack on customer satisfaction, chances are high you’re coming into it on the defensive – put simply, no one expects great service from their local telco or utility because they’ve often been burned in the past.

Opening up a real-time, always-on and widely accessible conversation channel with live chat sends a clear message that you’re listening and ready to respond whenever and wherever they are. Unify this with your ticketing and messaging systems and you’ll be equipped to exceed expectations on every channel, for every customer.

Increase sales

Done right, live chat is as much about revenue generation as it is about customer service. When your agents can identify website visitors by location, current profile, and purchase history, they become salespeople too. Comm100’s powerful API and smart integrations make it possible, fortified by flexible personalization options that help you use live chat strategically to cross-sell, up-sell, or simply convert the new visitor to a customer.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customer service program has many KPIs, but perhaps none are more important than customer satisfaction ratings. After all, metrics like First Call Resolution and Time in Queue mean little if customers rate you poorly. Comm100 Live Chat lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your customers with built-in, customizable post-chat surveys that serve up a constant stream of feedback. Our rich reporting suite then helps you convert those data points into deep insights, revealing exactly where you need to adjust.

Because a happy and loyal customer is a lot more valuable.

Reduce costs

Serving large customer bases comes at a considerable cost – not just in infrastructure and service delivery, but also in support. Call centers – the traditional channel of choice for telcos and utilities – are expensive to maintain. And the reality is your customers vastly prefer other communication channels, including live chat, email, SMS and self-serve. The good news is moving into these channels with Comm100 is less expensive, more productive and completely connected. So you have every reason to make the switch now! With features like advanced routing, canned messages and knowledge base, we’ll equip you to exceed expectations.

comm100 follows security rules and compliant, including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR

Security and privacy first

With a range of deployment options backed by globally accepted accreditations and compliance with every applicable regulation in North America and Europe, trust Comm100 to keep your data – and that of your customers – safe and sound. Our world-class data centers, stringent security protocols, and regular third-party audits give you all the assurance you need to deploy our solutions with complete confidence.

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