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Mobile Friendly Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat is mobile friendly for both visitors and agents. Chat windows and chat buttons are compatible with all major mobile devices. Additionally, mobile apps for agents are available for all iOS and Android devices as well.

Mobile Friendly Chat Button

Chat Button on Mobile Devices

You can customize a chat button that is specifically used on mobile devices. Both text button and image button are supported. This lets your visitors conveniently click on the button and get help while on the go.

Optimized Chat Window for Mobile Devices

Chat Window on Mobile Devices

Comm100 Live Chat windows adjust automatically in size and layout to fit mobile screens. This ensures that visitors see mobile friendly chat windows that enhance the chat experience.

In App Chat Mobile SDK

In-App Chat (Mobile SDK)

You can integrate Comm100 Live Chat with any iOS or Android app through developer-friendly SDK. With an entirely native live chat option in your app, your customers can contact you right inside your company’s app instead of going to the website to search for the chat button. This means that it takes less effort for your customers to get answers, thus improving their experience.

Mobile Apps

Agents can also access Comm100 Live Chat and get in touch with visitors on both iOS and Android devices via our mobile apps. This ensures no opportunities are missed while on the go.

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