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Boost player retention with 24/7 personalized support

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Trusted by 1000+ gaming customers worldwide

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Instant resolution with a personalized touch

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Boost conversion with 24/7 support

Deliver immediate, round-the-clock problem resolution with gaming live chat software & gaming chatbots so every player receives fast support that encourages them to sign-up & spend.

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Increase retention with enhanced engagement

Gain the trust and loyalty of your players by delivering helpful and convenient support across their preferred channels that translates into higher player lifetime value.

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Guarantee complete security & privacy

Alongside the most robust security compliances, Comm100 offers self-hosted live chat and self-hosted chatbots, giving you complete control and privacy over your data.

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Comm100’s AI Chatbot is a game-changer for us. By providing our players with 24/7 support, we can make sure that any issue that may prevent them from activating, depositing or betting is removed. The bot can answer the majority of our players’ common queries without any human involvement.”

– Pelin Kaya
Live Support Team Manager, PadişahBet

Complete player lifecycle management under one roof

Comm100’s gaming customer service platform provides every channel you need to elevate the player experience. From boosting acquisition and activation, to driving engagement and retention, Comm100 has 10+ years of experience and 1000+ customers in the gaming world. All of this is powered by personalized automation, intelligent player routing, and flexible integrations.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Provide your players with instant, convenient, and personalized support with gaming live chat software. Through real-time text, voice, video, file sharing, and co-browsing, you can convert more players and keep them coming back for more.
Chatbots & Automation

Chatbots & Automation

Harness the power of Comm100’s gaming chatbots to provide tailored recommendations and messages based on a player's behavior, gambling patterns, and gaming preferences. Gambling bots and gaming chatbots improve the user experience, increase engagement, and boost player retention.

Ticketing & Messaging

Ticketing & Messaging

With Comm100’s omnichannel gaming customer service software, you can manage all your customer inquiries from email, social media & SMS within one agent console. Start delivering efficient issue resolution and ensure VIP players receive priority support.
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Encourage players to self-serve with easy-to-navigate knowledge bases so your support volumes drop while time to resolution and customer satisfaction shoots up.

Deliver the VIP experience to your high rollers

High-spending and loyal players likely represent the backbone of your revenue. With Comm100’s gaming customer service solution, these players can be automatically given the red-carpet treatment to make sure that they stick around.

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Personalized comms

Automatically identify your high-spending players when they come online to deliver personalized messaging and route them to your best agents to keep them engaged and happy. 

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Priority support

VIP players can be given a dedicated live chat channel or queue to ensure they get instant responses to their queries, as well as be automatically routed to specific agents or teams.

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Exclusive outreach

Comm100 Outreach can deliver personalized messages to high spenders to inform them about exclusive events, tournaments, or promotions ahead of the general player base.

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“The combination of live chat and chatbots has significantly improved our team’s support capacity. Without having to hire more agents, our team can now handle more queries, and do it with more speed and more customer satisfaction.”

– Spyridon Athanaspoulos
Customer Care Manager, Kotsovolos

Enterprise-grade security & complete privacy built for gaming & gambling

Comm100 provides every security compliance you need – and more – to ensure your and your players’ data is secure. We also offer self-hosted deployment and the ability to change support domains so you can enable multiple layers of privacy and have complete control over your data.

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Download this cheat sheet to understand the art & science of fostering unwavering player loyalty and increasing spend.

Balance human and bot engagement for personalization at scale

Human agents are essential to gain player trust and loyalty, best delivered through iGaming live chat. To deliver this efficiently and at scale, gaming chatbots are essential. Only Comm100 helps you create this perfect human-bot balance for personalization and productivity.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

NLP-powered intelligent bot

AI Chatbot

Task Bot

Code-free bot

AI Chatbot

Agent Assist

AI-powered agent assistant

AI Chatbot

Voice Bot

AI-powered voice automation

AI Chatbot

Automated ticketing system

AI Chatbot

Smart chat & ticket routing

Only with Comm100

Multi-language support

Comm100 automatically detects and translates the player’s language so your agents can easily communicate with any customer, from any country.

Whitelabel the platform

Our technology. Your brand. Comm100 can be easily whitelabelled with flexible APIs so you can deliver our award-winning technology across multiple brands.

Data you’ll depend on

Gather and analyze player data within Comm100 Reporting to understand player preferences and behaviors and deliver tailored promotions.

We make good on our customer service promise

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Get started today

Join thousands of organizations who have achieved human-bot harmony with Comm100.

Resources to get you and your team ahead

Expand your knowledge and improve your team’s performance with our in-depth guides, best practices, and tools.

PadişahBet Customer Story - featured image

Customer Story

PadişahBet Increases Registration by 84% with Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot

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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023

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Getting More Out of Comm100

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