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From service and support to sales and marketing, there is a clear-cut case for using live chat. Save time, simplify processes, and be there at the “moment of truth” when customers want answers.

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Live chat is now the customer contact channel of choice. Used as a customer service tool or as part of the sales journey, it powers real-time, personalized conversations on your website and in your app.


Conversations are the new currency. On your web properties, mobile device or in app, via social media, email or self-serve, be where your customers are and make each and every conversation count.


Bots with brains are here. Tap into the speed and scale of intelligent, AI-powered chat to deflect the easy questions, carry out basic transactions, and offer 24/7 live chat service — at a cost that will impress you.

[Webinar] One customer's story: Enhancing the B2B customer experience with live chat

Join our live webinar on Aug. 23 and learn why Hunter Engineering chose to add live chat as a support channel, and the impact it’s having on their business.

We have boosted our productivity by leveraging Comm100’s reporting, automation, and advanced routing to continuously create new workflows that allow us to handle a high quantity of clients at the same time.

Mariusz Makara, G2A

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It should be easy to get answers, and even easier to give them. At Comm100, we want to help you answer questions, solve problems, and keep customers happy.

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