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Comm100 is your one-stop shop for serving your customers on digital channels.

Imagine being able to see and respond to every customer question wherever it comes from –your website or mobile app, on social media, messaging apps, SMS, or email. Now imagine doing all this with a single solution, whether you have one or one hundred agents. With Comm100, it’s faster and easier than you thought possible. And it’s free!


The Comm100 platform is easy to set up on your webpage and very intuitive to use. Also, getting your agents set up and ready to chat is a breeze. Comm100 also has a ton of videos and how-to documents if you ever need help with a certain feature.

– W. Lachlan Todd, Digital Recruitment Coordinator at Thompson Rivers University

Comm100 puts the customer and agent experiences first, but they also deeply understand the need to show measurable impact. ​ Comm100 has made easy work of proving the benefits of live chat support software to your business.

– Bob Matthews, Customer Experience Manager, The Cumberland Building Society

Meet the Comm100 customer service platform


Live Chat

Live chat is a fast, convenient, and personalized way to connect with your customers. Now every small business can take advantage of all that live chat has to offer.

Discover Live Chat

Ticketing & Messaging

Your customers are on a variety of digital channels - Facebook, SMS, email. You should be ready and listening so you can deliver customer support where they want it.

Discover Ticketing & Messaging

Knowledge Base

Imagine documenting everything your customers need to know and making it available whenever needed, on-demand. That’s the power of a customer service knowledge base.

Discover Knowledge Base
Faster answers, happier customers

The quicker you can solve your customers’ issues when they ask, the faster they can get on with their day and the happier they will be. That works wonders for you and your agents too.

Elevate your customer service with no extra costs

Be more accessible, more responsive, and more helpful with less effort through our single, unified platform, and watch your customer satisfaction soar. For free!

Bank-level security and privacy

Your customers expect you to protect their privacy at all times. Comm100 is backed by the toughest security and compliance protocols including ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II so you can connect with confidence.

Free Live Chat

And it’s free, for as long as you want!

We’ve been powering digital customer conversations for some of the biggest brands in the world since 2009. But we recently had a revelation: why should they have exclusive access to our software? We decided to launch Comm100 Free so that every organization, anywhere in the world, could take advantage of our award-winning enterprise-grade live chat and digital omnichannel platform. After all, don’t your customers deserve the best too?

Award-winning live chat and omnichannel customer service software

All the customer service features you need

Live chat features

Connect wherever and whenever your customers need you.

Live chat for your website and mobile app
Handle multiple simultaneous chats
Internal team chat
Pre-chat survey
Customizable chat window
Leave offline messages
Supervisor chat monitoring
Post-chat survey
Web, desktop and mobile app for agents
Configurable agent status
Remove agent from chat
Canned messages
Chat in 13 languages
Join existing chat
Ban visitors from chat
File and image sharing
Spell checker
Transfer chat to another agent
Visitor monitoring
Chat volume report
Ticketing & Messaging features

Use tickets to mark conversations that need follow-up later.

1-to-1 text messaging**
Prioritize and assign
Batch action
Multiple email accounts
Comprehensive search
Customize email signature
Canned messages
Rich text editor
Block sender
WhatsApp for Business**
Auto-create tickets from offline messages
Real time report
Volume report
Cross-channel ticketing
Conversation list, info and history

*Integrating Twitter accounts costs $14/month/account.
**Bring your Twilio phone number, we’ll do the rest.

Knowledge base features

Create an always-on, easily searchable collection of articles, guides, instructions and videos for self-serve support.

Unlimited number of articles
Internal or external access
FAQ Summary on main page
WYSIWYG editor
Configurable user permissions
Share article links in chat with a single-click
Connect your knowledge base to the chat window
Embed search anywhere on your website
Powerful filter by article status or tags
Label articles with unique tags
Multi-lingual support
Custom CSS
Visitor side search in chat window prior to chatting or offline message
Media library

Connect Comm100 to your other core business systems.

Comm100 is so easy to set up and learn, you’ll wish every system you use was this productive.

Save money, save time, and reduce effort while increasing customer satisfaction!

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Need a calendar for 2021?

We’ve all heard of X-rated content, but what about CX-rated? Download a free printable copy of Comm100's CX-rated 2021 chatbot pinup calendar below. Disclaimer - For mature organizations only. May contain strong omnichannel themes, suggestive AI, repeated agent centricity, and robust security.

Download the calendar