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Omnichannel Communication Platform

Create the optimal balance of human agents and bot automation with omnichannel communication.

Human-bot harmony:

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Complete connectivity for seamless support

Comm100 Omnichannel is the only solution that combines every channel, tool and feature you need for complete inbound and outbound omnichannel messaging.

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  • Live Chat
  • Bots & Automation
  • Ticketing & Messaging
  • Knowledge Base
  • Queue Management
  • Outreach
  • Voice
  • Booking

Live Chat

Boost engagement & customer satisfaction while improving support efficiency.
  • Loaded with enterprise-class features - for less
  • Deliver personalized communication to every customer with flexible integrations
  • Fully customizable design & settings.

Bots & Automation

Improve efficiency and costs with 24/7 automation
  • Automate over 80% of all queries with the perfect combination of Custom Answers & Generative Answers Chatbots
  • Increase support capacity while improving customer satisfaction
  • Perfect the balance of human and bot support for ultimate efficiency and empathy.

Ticketing & Messaging

Manage every channel from one system
  • Connect email, social media, messaging & SMS into one omnichannel messaging platform
  • Improve agent productivity & resolution times with smart tools
  • Streamline workflows with automation.

Knowledge Base

Fast self-service for customers, easy-to-find resources for agents
  • Build multiple knowledge bases for different audiences from one platform
  • Simplified interface for flexible creation and maintenance
  • Integrate into live chat to encourage self-serve.

Queue Management

Streamline the queueing experience to cut wait times & improve CX
  • Auto-analysis & management of inquiries to improve customer workflow
  • Enhance customer experience with real-time customized SMS notifications
  • Real-time staff performance monitoring to increase productivity.


Increase engagement & reach with two-way conversational messaging at scale
  • Deliver automated, bulk messages via SMS & email
  • Personalize engagement with data-driven messages to targeted groups
  • Build a loyal, repeat customer base with direct SMS reach.


Create richer customer conversations with our digital voice solution
  • Engage with customers via inbound and outbounds calls
  • Integrate voice with other comms channels for seamless CX and personalization
  • Intelligent IVR system for flexible and seamless call routing.


Schedule meetings with ease with Comm100’s appointment scheduling solution
  • Integrate within chat, host on a dedicated page, or send via link
  • Reduce agent and customer time with up-to-date availability & automation
  • Flexible configuration and personalization.

The highest standards in security & privacy

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Perfect the blend of human and bot engagement

Agents provide connection & empathy. Bots provide efficiency & scalability. Combine the two with Comm100 human-bot harmony and deliver the most efficient and helpful omnichannel messaging.

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Authentic, personalized interactions - every time

Comm100’s human-bot partnership helps you deliver personalized, 1-1 omnichannel messaging so every customer is treated like a VIP.

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Complete consistency & control

Our AI software gives you control over every interaction so customers always receive consistent, accurate, and continually-improving support.

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Elevate customer interactions at scale

Manage higher support volumes with automation while improving the customer experience with fast and accurate omnichannel messaging.

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“Everybody has their preferred way of communicating. Some people want to reach out via live chat, some social media, and others via email. The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one omnichannel communication platform so we can connect with and support more students, more efficiently.”

Lachlan Todd

Lachlan Todd

Communications & Systems Coordinator,
Thomperson Rivers University

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Future-proof your organization with the complete platform

If you’re looking for long-term software that isn’t just built for today’s customer – but for tomorrow’s too – then you’re in the right place.  Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform is powered by the latest AI and Gen AI technology.

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Harness the power of the latest in generative AI

Comm100’s specialists continually adopt the best AI models and LLMs so our products keep pace with the latest developments, including our Generative AI bot.

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More enterprise-class features - for less

With 100+ proven features and tools to choose from, you simply get more bang for your buck with Comm100’s omnichannel messaging platform. No wonder our customers stick around.

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Expand into more channels as you grow

With every channel and tool you need under one roof, simply add to the Comm100 omnichannel communication platform as your operations grow and needs change.

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“With so many chat requests, we needed our bot to handle as many chats as possible. With machine learning, the more you use it and train it, the better it becomes. And it’s worth it. At first, the bot was resolving around 50% of chats, and now on some days it’s handling more than 90% which is exceptional.”

Richard Branson

– Richard Branson

COO, Tangerine

360-degree view of each customer

Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform connects every channel into one unified agent console. This gives agents a complete, cross-channel picture of every customer they speak to, no matter what channels they switch between.

Gain even more insight by integrating key systems, such as CRMs & shopping cart platforms.

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More insight, more personalization

Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform puts all the information an agent needs right at their fingertips. This empowers them to provide more helpful and personal support that improves the customer experience and keeps them coming back for more.

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Faster resolution, greater capacity

With a 360-degree view of the customer, agents can resolve more queries 1) faster and 2) on first contact to reduce escalation. This is just one of the ways that omnichannel messaging increases team capacity without increasing headcount.

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Flexible integrations, data accuracy

Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform offers many out-of-the-box integrations to your core systems, combined with a highly flexible API. This lets your agents update records from inside the agent console to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

You want exceptional software… and service.

Feel confident in choosing Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform with our proven tech, exceptional customer success, and award-winning software as rated by our loyal customers.

  • Proven & reliable tech
  • Dedicated customer success managers
  • Top reviews & ratings

Proven & reliable tech

  • 10+ years in the industry
  • 15,000 customers from 15 countries
  • Industry-leading security: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and so much more.

Dedicated customer success managers

  • Experts in NLP, Generative AI, and chatbot deployment
  • 98% onboarding customer satisfaction score
  • Just 21 days to launch.

Top reviews & ratings

  • 4.7 / 5 Capterra rating
  • Multi award-winning software
  • 83 NPS score from our customers.

Configurable solutions for your industry

Comm100 specializes in a range of industries. Whether you work in higher ed, banking or healthcare, we have the solution, expertise & package for your needs. Discover how to transform engagement with Comm100’s omnichannel communication platform.

  • Higher Education
  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government
... and more!

Higher Education

Optimize the student experience with human-bot harmony
Explore our Higher Education solution

Banking & Finance

Deliver personal 1-1 support, at scale & securely
Explore our Banking & Finance solution


HIPAA-secure communication for stronger patient relationships
Explore our Healthcare solution


Deliver exceptional customer service for a competitive edge
Explore our Insurance solution


Digital support that 21st century citizens demand
Explore our Government solution

What Comm100 success can look like for you

Adopted Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot across 5 departments

Product used

  • Live Chat
  • Chatbot
Customer Stories

Thompson Rivers University

"The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one platform so we can connect with and support more students, more efficiently."

Learn more

Hit 1683% ROI with Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot

Product used

  • Live Chat
  • Chatbot
Customer Stories


"The Comm100 team has been awesome... I really like having a dedicated person for customer support so I can so easily and quickly get an answer to my question."

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Low CSATs recovered to a stellar 4.5/5 with implementation of Comm100 Live Chat

Product used

  • Live Chat
Customer Stories

Canadian Blood Services

"As the telephone channel was becoming less and less popular, live chat has enabled us to reach a whole new audience that we otherwise were missing out on."

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Generated $6M in the pipeline and $4M in revenue with Comm100 Live Chat

Product used

  • Live Chat
Customer Stories


"Comm100 had a good mix of both and supported our sales use case better than other vendors we evaluated."

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Response time cut to 7 seconds from 5-10 minute waiting time with Comm100 Live Chat & Video

Product used

  • Live Chat
  • Audio/Video Chat
Customer Stories

Dawson College

“The support we received from Comm100 was exceptional. We knew that our use case was not typical, but the team was extremely helpful and accommodating to our unique needs."

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“It felt like we were at the ceiling of what we could do with [our previous live chat provider]. With Comm100 it feels like we have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. There’s just so much potential and we feel empowered by it. Before, we didn’t feel confident in promoting our live chat offering. Now Comm100 Live Chat is an essential income-generating channel.

– Sarah Berry
Assistant Director of Strategy, Innovation & Client Experience, Relate UK

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