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Multiple Deployment Options

Comm100 Live Chat supports both cloud based and on-premise deployments. Select a deployment option that best matches your business requirements.

Shared Server

Live Chat on the Cloud

You share hardware resources with other customers in Comm100’s cloud environment. Get your live chat up and running in minutes and enjoy automatic updates. No technical skill is required.

Live Chat On-Premise

All data is stored on your own server if you choose our self-hosted live chat software. You can fully control your live chat and leverage the power of your in-house maintenance team. Custom development is available upon request.

Hosted & maintained by Comm100Hosted & maintained on your ownHosted & maintained on your own
Share hardware with othersUse your own hardwareUse your own hardware
Data stored on Comm100 serverData stored on your own serverData stored on your own server
Automatic software upgradeUpgrade upon your requestUpgrade upon your request
Standard feature setCustom development upon requestCustom development upon request
License feeLicense fee + Support feeLicense fee + Support fee
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