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Audio & Video Chat

In addition to text chat, Comm100 Live Chat also provides Audio & Video Chat, allowing customers to talk with you over chat with a simple click of a button. Audio & Video Chat helps you deliver a more personalized chat experience, decrease handle times and establish closer, more personal relationships with customers.

No Downloads or Plugins

The Audio & Video Chat feature is a browser-based solution, meaning that no additional downloads or plugins are required. Visitors can launch audio or video chat with you in just one click, and vice versa.

Talk in Real-Time for Faster Resolution

With real-time chat, your customers can receive immediate responses and instantaneous feedback for much faster issue resolutions. Through video and audio chat, being able to read your customers’ emotions from their intonations and facial expressions helps you personalize interactions and more accurately address their concerns.

Visual Demonstration & Engagement

You can showcase and demonstrate your products to your customers through face-to-face video chat, allowing your customer to see instantly how a product is used and adding an extra level of engagement in eCommerce transactions. Being able to communicate face-to-face can also help establish stronger relationships and build trust with customers. This results in a better customer experience, improves customer satisfaction and boosts sales revenue.

Audio & Video Chat for Agent

Comprehensive Technical and Sales Support

Just like in a Skype call, you can send text-based messages, share screenshots or files while on an audio or video call using Comm100 Live Chat. Audio & Video Chat is compatible with text chat, co-browsing, file sharing etc., allowing you to quickly pinpoint technical problems, walk your visitors through product selection or the purchasing process. Reducing the need for lengthy, text-based explanations helps quicken the sales process and solve technical issues faster.

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