Higher Education Student Survey – The results are in! Discover what students really want from their school.

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Higher Education Admissions Report – Prospective Student Survey

Discover how prospective students want to be supported and engaged during the pre-enrolment phase in our latest student survey.

Go digital and you can quickly…

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Automate common questions

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Offer IT support

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Provide important information

Digital Communication

Choose where to meet your students and scale up when you’re ready

Our Customizable Solution Fits Your Needs — Now and Later

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Knowledge Base

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Pre-built solutions get you started, quickly automating answers across any department and all channels. Focus on the needs of students and faculties with our AI-powered solutions that combine 10 years of experience maximizing digital communications!

How can Comm100 help your university?

Student Services
Student Services
How can Student Services use Comm100?
  • Reduce repetitive manual work by automating up to 80% of your most common queries
  • Increase student retention with always-on, personalized support
  • Collect student feedback through engaging surveys and reporting to identify areas of improvement.

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How can Admissions use Comm100?
  • Automate up to 80% of queries during peak application processing periods
  • Increase engagement with international students by offering 24/7 chatbot support
  • Handle all social media channels from one integrated platform.
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Financial Aid
Financial Aid
How can Financial Aid use Comm100?
  • Automate repetitive and manual work with 24/7 chatbot automation
  • Reduce support volume with knowledge base self-service
  • Speed up agent training and onboarding with one centralized knowledge base.

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How can Registrars use Comm100?
  • Reduce repetitive manual work by automating up to 80% of your most common queries
  • Reduce email overwhelm
  • Speed up resolution with live chat and its efficiency features.

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How can IT use Comm100?
  • Unify communications across all departments from one integrated platform
  • Meet all security and compliance requirements with data centers in the US, Canada, and Europe
  • Provide accessible and efficient IT help desk support.

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Student Counseling
Student Couselling
How can Student Counseling use Comm100?
  • Avoid call and email overwhelm by automating up to 80% of queries with chatbots
  • Reduce wait times to schedule counselor meetings
  • Utilize intelligent routing to direct students to the most appropriate agent and channel.

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Continuing Education
Continuing Education
How can Continuing Education use Comm100?
  • Provide flexible and convenient live chat support that continuing education students need
  • Automate up to 80% of queries during peak periods
  • Support your students on their channel of choice with digital omnichannel engagement

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Stop answering the same questions again and again – let our higher education chatbots answer for you

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Registrar & Schedule Info

Student Services

Technical Support

Financial Aid

We help you

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Reduce email overwhelm

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Grow enrollment

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Cut support costs

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Boost CSAT & NPS

live chat is the most popular support channel for students


The good news?
It’s easy to give them maximum assistance exactly how they like it with live chat for higher education.

Better news!
It costs less than a ⅓ of your limited phone-based solutions.

And best of all?
It’s hard at work — 24/7 — doing more with higher education chatbots.


How will it help?

Frees up agents

Higher education chatbots answer FAQs and process common requests giving support staff time to handle more complex or sensitive queries.

Speeds resolution

Chatbots gather student information and pass off the who, what, where, when, and why to an agent. With all the relevant info in front of them, agents quickly resolve queries.

Reduces wait times

Bots can handle an unlimited amount of chats simultaneously. They also deliver responses more quickly than humans.

Tracks conversations

Focus on the problem at hand without having to search across channels. See the complete student history while interacting in real time. Conversations that start on one channel can be finished on another without losing the thread.

Optimizes segmentation

Prioritize and effectively track different student groups based on profiles you create within your Comm100 platform.

“Our students are mostly 17, 18 or 19 years old, and they naturally find live chat very easy to use.

It’s also very quick for them – they can hop on a chat, ask us a question, and have their answer in a minute – all from their mobile device”

— Derek Gaucher, Coordinator of IT Solutions, Dawson College

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Top value features included in your
ready to roll solutions


Iron-clad privacy & security

Meet all security and compliance requirements. Comm100 has data centers located in Canada, the US, and Europe, and audited compliance to the broadest range of certifications.

Lock it up tight:

Comm100 Security


Real-time translation

Students can speak their native tongue with real-time automatic translation in Comm100 Live Chat. Agents can also respond in their native language, removing barriers to excellent support for all.

Establish a comfortable rapport beyond dry information sharing.


Personalized interactions

Customize your live chat’s looks, feels, and functions depending on who a student is, their relationship with you, and where they are on your site.

Add that virtual cherry on top with personal touches to your genuine and helpful support.


Welcoming students across departments.
Across channels.

88% students want the option of using different support channels

Students don’t care about faculty titles, administrative silos, or even channels. They want answers. Give students access to all departments and channels with one platform – all without burdening your support staff.

Avoid unnecessary typing:

Create canned messages for greetings, FAQs, and sign-offs. Easily access them through simple keyboard shortcuts.

Quit hunting for answers:

Agent Assist draws on your existing knowledge resources to suggest answers to agents in real time.

Know exactly what to work on:

Set SLAs for response and resolution times so no conversation falls through the cracks.

Eliminate drudge work:

Automate repetitive workflows using pre-built trigger actions.

Stop duplicate effort:

Every conversation is assigned, and discussions about similar topics can be merged.

Say goodbye to screen toggling:

Integrate third party tools you’re using into our unified console.


Launch your first channel in 1-2 weeks!

Following our patented 4-step plan to success you will be able to easily see the impact at every stage.

See how it works

30 mins no obligation call

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Get Started

Meet complete security and compliance requirements. Comm100 has data centers located in Canada, the US, and Europe, and audited compliance to the broadest range of certifications.

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A dedicated customer success team is assigned to you. Plan and customize your digital transformation together.

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Staff training, continuous customer support and robust resources make scaling a seamless experience.

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Customer satisfaction and service benchmarks are measured. Impact to costs and service availability are studied to determine comparable costs.


Get lots more out of our flexible, easy to scale and powerful platform

Omnichannel Student Engagement

A seamless, digital support experience

IRL: With our higher education customer service software, a live chat transcript from 3 weeks ago is easily accessible to the agent providing email support to that same student today.


Intelligent, conversational assistance

IRL: The more you use our chatbot, the better a chatbot it comes. Machine learning gets bots to learn and train on questions they couldn’t resolve. Within a short time they can handle an exceptional 90% of queries.

Proven Technology

IRL: Our Uptime Guarantee means our higher education live chat is always available — even during scheduled maintenance or unexpected downtimes. You won’t lose data or experience service interruptions, thanks to our high availability technology.

CRM and Systems Integration

Streamlined data transfer

IRL: Click, connect and integrate our platform with your key systems, social accounts and on your website. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Reports and Analytics

IRL: You see exactly what’s working and what’s not. Get a clear picture of what’s happening in every department — from the volume of inquiries to the most common issues and down to the details on resolution times and agents’ efficacy.

PLUS! Enjoy our superior customer support. We clearly understand that excellent CX is our business.

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Are you delivering the digital experience your students expect?

Open your campus’ digital front door and welcome students everywhere — no matter the channel.

digital experience

With our AI platform, in just 2 weeks from now you will:

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students who would never pick up the phone – night owls, international students & weekend academics included



conversations across channels without losing the thread
like being in more than one place at a time



volume of support your agents can handle
with zero increase in human resources

The proof in the numbers
even if math isn’t your major


Minutes average resolution time with chatbots.


Average CSATs from chatbot interaction


Hours of conversation being automated every week

30 min no obligation call