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The all-in-one platform that improves student engagement & satisfaction with the perfect balance of human-bot communication.

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Better engagement. Greater yield.

Increase enrollment and reduce dropout rates by improving your responsiveness, availability, and personalization – even during your busiest peak periods.

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Boost applicant volume & quality

Attract more of the very best students by providing the very best support – fast, personalized, 24/7. After all, first impressions count.

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Reduce repetitive work & queues

With the latest in generative AI technology, admissions can automate up to 80% of all queries with Comm100’s higher education chatbots.

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Improve engagement to increase yield

Connect with more prospective students across the admissions funnel with Comm100’s live chat for higher education, supported by higher education chatbots.

Advising & Counseling

Better experiences. Greater retention.

Reduce overwhelming caseload

Reduce overwhelming caseload

Providing student support is non-negotiable, but managing these ever-rising volumes isn't easy. With Comm100's omnichannel messaging platform, schools can better triage support requests and reduce caseloads while ensuring students always receive the support they need.
Cut wait times. Improve satisfaction.

Cut wait times. Improve satisfaction.

By resolving more queries efficiently online, powered by higher education chatbots, students who are in most need of face-to-face support experience shorter wait times so they get the help they need as soon as possible.
Improve student engagement & retention

Improve student engagement & retention

Comm100 makes it easy and accessible for students to reach out when they need support. From self-service via knowledge base to 24/7 higher ed chatbot support, students get the immediate support they need to reduce dropout rates.

Student Services

Elevated student experience. Higher retention.

Deliver A+ support to your students throughout the academic journey to directly improve student satisfaction, retention, and graduation rates.

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Improve the student experience with 24/7, personalized support

Every conversation matters. That’s why schools use Comm100 to deliver personalized, accurate, and 24/7 engagement so every student feels valued, heard, and supported.

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Reduce manual work with intelligent automation

With Comm100’s higher education chatbots, student services can automate up to 80% of their most common queries. This reduces response time for those who need agent help, while dramatically slashing email & call volumes.

Communications & Marketing

Enhanced engagement. Improved enrollment .

As a marketing professional, you know success relies on communicating with your target audience on the right channels, with the right message, at the right time. With Comm100’s omnichannel messaging platform, you can create the perfect human-bot communication strategy that improves the quality & quantity of engagement with prospective & current students.


Increase recruitment


Improve yield


Boost student satisfaction

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“With Comm100 Live Chat combined with Comm100 Chatbot, we can now deliver fast, efficient, 24/7 support that helps us engage with more prospective students and provide better support.”

– Victoria Anderson
Manager, Admission Operations, Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment, Queen’s University

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Financial Aid

Accessible support. Greater engagement.

Comm100 lets Financial Aid teams provide advice and support 24/7 across all their digital channels so no student is ever left feeling in the dark. Did we also mention that our platform is protected by the highest security and privacy standards? Well, it is.

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Increase student retention

Improve the student experience with always-on, personalized higher ed live chat support so your students know they can rely on you – anytime, anywhere.

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Automate repetitive work

With Comm100’s AI chatbots for education, your team can automate up to 80% of queries so agents can devote more of their time to complex situations that need extra care and attention.

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Transform agent training

Speed up agent training and onboarding with one centralized knowledge base and agent-facing automation tools.


More collaboration. More student success.

Strong collaboration and communication between students and faculties is central to the success of Registrar offices. Comm100 makes this a breeze with a full suite of connected channels that can be integrated with internal systems, giving agents all the info they need to provide accurate and helpful support.

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Reduce email & phone overwhelm with automation

Comm100’s AI chatbots for education automate the common and time-consuming queries, freeing up staff time that can be used on other important tasks while providing instant, 24/7 support.

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Improve the student experience

Meet student expectations throughout the lifecycle by delivering fast, accurate and personalized assistance with Comm100’s live chat for higher education


Simplified comms. Happier students & faculty.

Students and faculty want support on a range of channels. You want to streamline your IT infrastructure. Comm100 helps you deliver both. With every channel integrated into one platform, you can deliver convenient and accurate help while increasing support capacity.

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Unified comms from one platform

With every channel under one roof, Comm100 streamlines IT comms campus-wide, keeping your tech stack and vendor relations simple and secure.

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Automate 80% of queries

By encouraging self-service through Comm100’s chatbot for higher education & powerful integrated knowledge base, IT departments can automate their most common queries. This reduces email overwhelm, cuts response times, and increases support capacity.

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Secure engagement

You need to feel 100% confident in the software you approve for use. Comm100’s live chat for education is compliant with SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and a host of other international and industry-specific compliances so you know your data is secure.

Student Housing

Improve availability. Improve occupancy rate.

With Comm100’s perfected balance of human-bot support, Student Housing can deliver accessible, accurate & fast communication to encourage students to choose and remain in the school’s accommodation.

  • Reduce support volumes

    Comm100’s AI chatbots for higher education automate up to 80% of all queries without human support.

  • Increase student satisfaction

    Provide the convenient and fast support students expect with Comm100’s live chat for higher education.

Continuing Education

Increase access. Increase enrollment.

Continuing Education students often have very different needs and challenges. With Comm100, you can cater to any and all of these needs, delivering convenient, 24/7 support across every channel so they feel as equally valued.

  • Improve engagement to improve applications

    Be more accessible, responsive, and helpful so your school leaves a lasting impression on prospective students.

  • Reduce email & phone overwhelm

    Adopt Comm100’s AI chatbots for education to automate all of your common queries and reduce overall support volumes, particularly during peak periods.

All Inclusive Bot Plan for Higher Education

The All Inclusive Bot Plan is the complete chatbot & automation package for Higher Education. It’s everything you need from just one vendor.


Generative Answers & Custom Answers Chatbots


Unlimited intents and answers


Complete bot setup, training and configuration


Monthly bot maintenance


Dedicated CSM with quarterly business & product roadmap reviews


Dedicated AI Architect for bot building, maintenance, and support


Access to product release beta programs

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