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Comm100 Cisco Integration

Complete your contact center’s digital transformation by integrating Comm100’s digital customer service platform with Cisco UCCX or UCCE.

comm100 can be integrated with Cisco Finesse

Embed Comm100 in Cisco Finesse

Access Comm100 directly within the Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop so that your contact center agents can serve your customers on all channels through a single interface.

You can access Comm100 and Cisco platforms with single login

A Single Login to Both Platforms

Configure which agents can access Comm100 within Cisco Finesse by linking agent profiles in Cisco UCCX/UCCE and Comm100. Once your agents log in to the Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop, they will be able to start using Comm100 without having to log in again.

You can link agent states on Cisco and Comm100 platforms automatically or manually

Link Agent States Between Solutions

Link agent states in both Cisco and Comm100 automatically or manually so agents cannot be engaged in a phone call and a chat at the same time. This makes it possible for agents to be available for conversations on any channel without the risk of getting overwhelmed with too many simultaneously.

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