Live chat for manufacturing companies

Buyers, suppliers, distributors, oh my!

From aerospace to clothing, industrial goods to consumables, if your product has users, you have people who want and need to chat with you. But you already know that, because here you are. As you build your business case for live chat and self-serve support, here are some angles that you may not have thought of yet.

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Comm100 Live Chat provided immediacy during the user experience and gave us another channel to communicate in real-time with customers. Chat accomplishes that and more, helping us build stronger, more personalized relationships with our customers.

– Patrick Higgins, Xylem Analytics

Strengthen the value chain

Communications aren’t always with customers. From upstream suppliers and business partners to downstream distributors, your audience is broad. Comm100 solutions can be deployed strategically and configured to connect every audience to the people and information they seek, be that a support agent, a production manager, the warehouse, or a self-serve portal to access specifications and manuals. Think of it this way: if you do it by phone today, you can do it by live chat and knowledge base tomorrow, in a way that’s more scalable and accessible than you ever imagined possible.

Connect with end users

Even if you don’t sell direct to consumers, the impact on your brand of simply making yourself accessible for feedback, queries, and conversations is almost enough on its own to justify the move to live chat. In fact, it’s already happening all around you, in companies large and small across every vertical. Worried about being overloaded? Comm100 AI-powered chat can scale in ways a live-agent contact center never could. Ask us how!

Lower service costs

There’s no shortage of evidence that digital customer service channels like live chat, self-serve, and email ticketing are less expensive to deploy and maintain compared to traditional phone-based contact centers. If you’ve already invested in a phone center, then you’ll see the benefits by diverting calls to these other channels virtually instantly. When you lower the cost of servicing your value chain you free up resources to invest in other areas of your business – like sales. What are you waiting for?

Stay secure

With a range of deployment options backed by globally accepted accreditations and compliance with every applicable regulation in North America and Europe, trust Comm100 to keep your data – and that of your customers – safe and sound. Our world-class data centers, stringent security protocols, and regular third-party audits give you all the assurance you need to deploy our solutions with complete confidence.

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