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Live Chat Shopify Integration

Comm100 Live Chat Shopify Integration allows you to offer an easy, convenient communication channel for your Shopify store visitors, as well as giving you the opportunity to proactively engage with them to help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Access Visitor Information in One Place

View your store visitors’ shopping cart contents, order history and contact information, all in one place with Comm100’s live chat Shopify integration. There’s no need to go to different screens or systems to view visitor data – instead, every detail needed to provide tailored help and sales to each customer is at your fingertips.


Real-Time Interaction

See every action your visitors take within your store in real time. Chat agents can get instant notifications when a new item has been added to a visitor’s shopping cart, helping to identify relevant offers and cross-sell opportunities at the exact moment your visitor is ready to buy.


Promote Products through Live Chat

It’s easy to send a specific product to your customers during chat with Comm100’s live chat Shopify integration. Product details are saved within our system and can be viewed and sent with a single click. It’s not necessary to leave your chat or access other different systems, as your in-built product details allow you to upsell, cross-sell and promote with ease.


Automated or Manual Chat Invites

Chat invitations to visitors can be made manually by human chat representatives, or automatically through our rule-based system.

Whether you decide to engage manually or automatically, you can invite visitors to chat when their cart reaches a certain dollar value. For example, when they’ve spent a long time on a particular page, or when a VIP visitor lands on your site.

Click here to find out about more situations that proactive chat can help with.


Fully Customizable Look & Feel

Customize your live chat solution with your logo, color scheme and more. Choose from a variety of attractive chat window styles or use CSS code to make your chat system personalized to your requirements.

This allows your live chat branding to be consistent with your store’s look and feel, helping you to provide a chat service that’s as modern and attractive as it is useful.

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Strong on Security

Comm100 adopts credit card masking, PCI-compliant secure form, TLS encryption, just to name a few, to protect your visitors’ privacy and ensure secure data communication.

You can also set other measures to protect your account from unauthorized access, such as IP restriction and password policies. You won’t find a live chat Shopify integration more secure than this.

iPhone Chat App - Optimized for iPhone

Mobile-Friendly, Modern Chat

We offer mobile-friendly live chat for both you and your website visitors.

You can use our live chat apps to keep tabs on your website visitors and be ready to help, even when you’re on the go.

Visitors can access chat from mobile devices, as our live chat button and window are automatically adjusted in size and layout with full mobile compatibility. Your website visitors will always enjoy a fluid chat experience, regardless of the device they use.

comm100 analytics provides reports on your conversion actions

Powerful Reporting Suite for Continuous Improvement

Customer expectations are evolving, and keeping pace with how you need to meet them can be a challenge. That’s why our reporting suite contains 18 different reports for you to measure and assess every aspect of your live chat service, including full conversions reporting so you can track exactly how your live chat service contributes to your Shopify store sales.

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