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Omnichannel customer engagement gets the job done

Answer questions. Solve problems. Make people happy.

Banking & Finance


Customers are online, are you? Whether you’re a bank, brokerage, investment firm, or credit-card provider, your customers are online looking for account, product and service information. Don’t miss the chance to engage with them across live chat and other key digital channels when it matters most.

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Customer loyalty and trust are at the heart of thriving insurance organizations. Since most insurance products go unused, what matters most to clients is the experience they have with you when they need it, and more often, when they don’t. Stay connected to clients with a secure, omnichannel platform that powers customer communications, 24/7.

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Great care starts with great communication. Manage patient communication more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of call centers. Easily install a HIPAA-compliant omnichannel platform and engage with visitors through live chat on your site and patient portal, via email, social media, and SMS – all within one unified console.

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Government & Public Services


Citizens, ratepayers, business owners, and community groups struggle to keep up with regulations, report service disruptions, and have a voice in the halls of government. But the digital era is yielding positive change. From police forces to city halls, omnichannel engagement opens a direct and accessible communication channel between you and the people you serve.

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Tech customers are smarter and have higher service expectations than most. To stay ahead, companies must have innovative omnichannel engagement and support tools that connect with these savvy users on their terms. Fast, efficient, and easily accessible on their channel of choice.

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Telecom & Utilities


Providing mission-critical services like power, phone, water and internet access to masses of people is one of the most difficult business models imaginable. Omnichannel customer engagement offers a modern, highly accessible, and personalized way to listen and respond to customer issues. It’s a highly cost-effective platform for service providers to improve customer relations through live chat, ticketing and messaging, and even SMS.

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Retail & e-Commerce


Turn browsers into buyers. In today’s competitive world of retail, driving traffic to your online store just isn’t enough. Keep customers on your site by answering questions in real-time with live chat. Combine this with your other key digital channels and start taking a huge bite out of your shopping cart abandonment.

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Your customers and partners expect, and even demand, great service. If issues and inquiries go unanswered, they will take their business elsewhere. Omnichannel engagement software makes it easy – and extremely cost-effective – to stay connected with these customers wherever they are.

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Higher Education


Today’s colleges and universities need state-of-the-art digital communications tools to continue attracting and serving students from across the globe. Scaling and automating student engagement – not to mention faculty, staff, and suppliers – requires a new approach. Comm100 Omnichannel leads the way.

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