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File Sharing in Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to easily exchange files with visitors during a chat. File sharing in live chat helps you improve chat efficiency and increase case resolutions.

Improve Chat Efficiency - File Transfer

Send Files to Visitors

Send files such as screenshots, presentations, guides, catalogues, or other files to your visitors with a quick drag-and-drop. This saves you from having to email the files and improves your chat efficiency.


Receive Files from Visitors

Your visitors are able to drag and drop files quickly, which lets them easily send you screenshots or documents during chats. This saves your visitors from typing lengthy descriptions and helps you get a better and faster understanding of what your visitors are trying to explain.

Comm100 Files In Chat Transcript

Files in Chat Transcripts

Files sent over chats are kept in the chat transcripts. You can check the transcripts to review and download the files later.

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