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Shift Management for Live Chat

Now it’s easier than ever to make sure your team is online and on time.

Efficient Agent Scheduling

Comm100 Shift Management makes easy work of building and maintaining live chat agent schedules. Create multiple shifts per agent and/or department. Keep your team organized and clear on when they are needed online to serve your customers.

Automatic Shift Alerts

Create system notifications just prior to the start of a shift to make sure agents are online on time. Automatically set their status to Away when the shift ends to avoid missed chats. When your team is available precisely as planned, your customers will never be left waiting.

Proactive Planned Absences

Use Comm100 Shift Management to schedule holidays and time off for each of your agents. Their status will automatically be set to ‘Away’ during these periods so you can manage your chat queue and allocations effortlessly.

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