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Omnichannel customer engagement for Financial Services

Improve customer experiences, everytime, on every channel.

Today’s financial services organizations have to find the balance between online access and human interaction. Banks, brokerages, and wealth management companies need to offer the convenience of self-serve solutions, while providing personalized support and human experiences. The Comm100 Omnichannel solution helps you lower customer service costs while conducting business when and where your customers want it. Smart, efficient, and affordable.

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The members are using chat in a variety of ways. They are using it for everything as they would if they had called in, reset their online banking, inquire about their account, or find out when their loan payment is due. They are using it just as if they were picking up the phone and dialing to talk to us. It all makes a difference […] they can ask a question and get an answer right away.

– Patti, Affinity Credit Union

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comm100 follows security rules and compliant, including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR

Iron-clad security

Regardless of size, every financial institution has the same expectation when it comes to security: it simply has to be iron-clad. From PCI compliant forms and SOC 2 certification, to credit card masking, SSL/TLS encryption, and GDPR, security is non-negotiable. Comm100 is leading the way with these and other security protocols that exceed industry requirements to keep your data secure. We offer cloud-based solutions or when preferred, on-site deployments that ensure the software you use is under your control and safely behind your firewall.

Uptime guaranteed

With digital transactions occurring at all hours of the day, you can’t afford a second of downtime, especially where your customer experience is concerned. Comm100 Live Chat’s MaximumOn service guarantees uptime for our customer support and engagement platform. With our software, server problems, maintenance issues and other technical outages just don’t happen. Comm100 support is always there when your customers need it.

Lower support costs

By implementing live chat, you could save 17-30% of what you spend offering phone support alone. Couple those cost savings with the lead generating power of live chat, and you are well on your way to optimizing the performance of your customer experience and sales teams. Live chat for financial services frees up resources to improve efficiencies across the board, enables better analytics and data-mining, and gives existing staff more opportunity to turn customer satisfaction into customer delight.

Accessibility that drives trust

Less than half of Americans (48%) trust their banking provider with their financial information. With levels of skepticism at an all-time high, it’s increasingly important to build a solid relationship between your company and your customers. With more and more customers moving to digital channels to do their banking, omnichannel support reaffirms your commitment to being there for customers whenever and wherever they are.

Complete customer lifecycle management

From offering advice to selling products to supporting and troubleshooting customer concerns, Comm100 Omnichannel Customer Engagement is the perfect platform for facilitating digital conversations. Clients can be seamlessly passed between channels, agents, teams and departments, and inquiries can be intelligently routed to the right person, at the right time. There’s no need for multiple tools across many departments. We help you build and deploy a solution across your whole business or enable you to start small and expand when the rest of the organization is ready. Flexibility is core to our products and deployments.

Since we’ve implemented we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of chats we were taking month over month. So, it’s actually worked well with all of the other channels that we were already offering, and it’s definitely helped us, and helped our members reach us more easily.

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– Jasmina Duric, Manager of E-Services and Support Department, Lake Michigan Credit Union

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