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Proactively Invite Visitors to Chat

Comm100 Live Chat supports proactive chat invitation per your business rules. By engaging your website visitors through proactive chats, you can potentially turn more visitors into customers.

A Forrester research shows that investment in reactive chat produces a return on investment (ROI) of 15%, while an additional investment in proactive chat capabilities will produce an incremental 105% ROI.

Comm100 Two Type Invitation Style

Two Different Invitation Style

Comm100 Live Chat provides two different styles of proactive chat: Bubble and Greeting Message in the Chat Window. Choose the one that best suits your business needs and reach out to visitors at just the right time.


Manual Chat Invitation

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to analyze visitor data collected from multiple channels inside the chat console and invite targeted visitors to chat manually. You can also create a customized invitation message tailored to each site visitor to create a personalized customer service experience.

Rule Based Auto Chat Invitation

Comm100 Live Chat’s rule-based auto chat invitation feature allows you to proactively invite visitors to chat based on pre-defined rules. No more manual invitations, no more missed opportunities.

Auto chat invitation is only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

Comm100 Live Chat Auto Invitation Rules

Set Auto Invitation Rules

You can use a set of rules to decide when to send out the auto invitation to whom. You can use the following data to create your own rules:

  • Geographic information – City, State, Country/Region, Time Zone, Language
  • Behavioral information – Current Page URL, Landing Page URL, Current Page Browsing Time, Website Browsing Time, # of Pages
  • Source info – Referrer URL, Search Engine, Search Keywords.
  • Historical contact information – Visit Times, Chat Times
  • Identification information –Visitor Segment
  • Custom Variables – All the custom variables set up in your account
Comm100 Live Chat Auto Invitation Avoid Repeated nvitations

Avoid Repeated Invitations

An auto invitation can be set to pop up only once during a visitor’s entire visit session. This prevents repeated invitations and avoids annoying your visitors.

Comm100 Live Chat Multiple Auto Invitations

Multiple Auto Chat Invitations

Multiple auto invitations with different styles and messages can be set up to target different groups of visitors. For example, if you’re running an online store, you can set up one auto invitation that targets first time visitors who may need help looking for an item, and another that targets return customers who would probably be more interested in new arrivals.

8 Proactive Chat Best Practices with Ready-to-Use Scripts

A poorly implemented proactive chat practice can be annoying, while an informed, friendly and timely invitation will bring in more sales opportunities as well as increase customer satisfaction. This post discusses the key elements of an effective proactive chat strategy: metrics, scenarios, and refinements.

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