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Live Chat APIs

An API is the interface that your internal applications can use to communicate with Comm100 Live Chat. Comm100 Live Chat APIs allow you to share data seamlessly with third party systems (such as CRMs, help desk software etc.). This breaks down barriers between applications and allows for smoother, quicker workflows.



You can pull raw data from Comm100 Live Chat into your own systems via RESTful API calls. This allows you to store data outside of the Comm100 platform, create custom reports, build powerful integrations with other systems, and more. For example, you can automatically attach related chats or messages to the corresponding customer in your CRM, or create new records for chatting visitors that are not yet available in the CRM.

Visitor Side JavaScript API

Comm100’s Visitor Side JavaScript API allows you to customize the behavior and appearance of your visitor side chat interface, including chat button, invitation, pre/post-chat survey, chat window, offline message window and side-window. One common use case is to implement interdependent selection fields into pre-chat forms, where the second selection field changes depending on the first selection field.

Agent Console JavaScript API

Comm100’s Agent Console JavaScript API allows you to extend the capability of your Agent Console. It helps make your Agent Console Custom Extension more powerful with capabilities such as returning information about chatting visitors, information about logged-in agents, and sending messages to the current chat.

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