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How CCaaS Providers are Increasing Customer Value with Digital-First Partnerships

There’s no doubt that telephone remains a stalwart customer service channel. Many consumers still prefer to call companies for support, particularly when the issue is complex or urgent. However, this number is ever decreasing, and CCaaS providers that are only offering phone support, even alongside email, are restricting their growth and profitability.   

The reasons for this are simple. Firstly, the majority of consumers now want to connect with brands digitally. In Salesforce’ latest research, they found that 57% of customers prefer to engage through digital channels. For Gen Zers and Millennials, this rises to 65%. Secondly, today’s consumers have high customer service expectations that traditional telephone and email support can’t deliver. Consumers want the choice to connect on a range of channels, and for the support on these channels to be fast, 24/7, and connected. Telephone support simply can’t meet these expectations. (For more information on why digital-first customer service strategies are growing, check out this blog.) 

To meet their customers’ needs, CCaaS providers are partnering with digital communication platforms to add digital omnichannel capabilities to their product offering. With Comm100, CCaaS providers are expanding their voice system with as many key digital channels as they want through simple integration and quick time to market. Book a call today with Comm100 today to explore partnership options and we’ll sweeten the deal with a free gift box. 

Why are CCaaS solution providers partnering with digital communication platforms? 

1. Grow customer base 

The number one benefit of integrating digital channels into a contact centre platform is the ability to grow its customer base. As we explained in the introduction, consumers now prefer to connect with brands digitally for the superior experience it provides. Organizations are now recognizing this and, understanding the importance of meeting their customers’ service expectations, are looking to adopt more and more digital support channels.  

By partnering with a digital communication platform like Comm100, CCaaS providers can offer the complete range of customer service channels from one integrated platform, often referred to as omnichannel customer engagement. This significantly increases their addressable market through an expanded product offering that meets customer service needs.  

2. Increase deal size  

As well as growing customer base, partnering with digital communication platforms also helps to increase upsell and overall deal size as sales can offer popular digital channels alongside the hero product. 

This upselling opportunity is made even easier by the unification of every channel. Digital omnichannel platforms like Comm100 can be integrated into contact centre software so every channel is combined into one platform and the customer only needs one piece of software. If this wasn’t already the easiest upselling prospect, the salesperson is also very likely able to speak to the same decision maker who will approve the purchasing of all channels. 

3. Reduce churn 

Every company recognizes the importance of limiting churn as much as possible, yet it’s not always so easy to achieve. By selling a range of channels to your customers rather than just voice, contact centre solution providers can see churn reduce significantly because of the time and resource it would take their customers to replace each channel offering. 

By partnering with Comm100, CCaaS providers can integrate the full digital omnichannel platform – live chat, voice bots, chatbots, email, SMS, social media – or pick and choose which channels they think are most important to their customers today, and expand their product scope as they and their customers grow.  

4. … All with a low upfront cost – in weeks! 

For CCaaS providers who recognize they need to add a digital offering to their voice capabilities, they could spend huge amounts of time and money building their own platform, with a large upfront investment and long time to market. 

On the other hand, they could partner with a digital omnichannel communications platform like Comm100 and save significant money on R&D while seeing their software integrated within weeks. Deltapath, a communication solution provider, partnered with Comm100 to achieve exactly this. Here’s what they had to say about the partnership: 

“What could have taken us years, literally took us minutes. Combining our unified communications technology with the Comm100 platform allowed us to extend our capabilities with features like data analytics and AI-powered chatbot, offering us a huge advantage in the marketplace – for both growth and customer retention. We have grown our pipeline 50% in 6 months by being able to extend voice with a platform that offers all communication channels and gives our customers the opportunity to choose the channel (s) that is best for them.”

 – David Liu, CEO and Founder, Deltapath 

Next steps 

If you would like to grow your customer base and reduce churn, get in touch with us at Comm100 to learn how you can integrate our digital communications platform into your software in weeks, demonstrate real value and add margin to your bottom line. Book a call today!

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