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Gaming Engagement in the Digital Age: Top Challenges & the Road to Revolution with Omnichannel Support

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving behemoth, with innovations, user demographics, and technologies constantly shifting. At the core of these dynamics is the need for robust player engagement and support. However, challenges abound. 

In this deep dive, we’ll uncover the top 10 challenges gaming companies face and explore how an omnichannel approach—infused with AI and personal touchpoints—can be the game-changer the industry needs. As veterans in this realm, Comm100 brings insights and solutions that can steer the gaming world towards success. 

Top 10 Challenges for the Gaming Industry 

  • Meeting Rising Player Expectations: The modern gamer is not just looking for entertainment but an immersive experience. They crave prompt, insightful, and intuitive support. 
  • Handling Voluminous Queries: With millions logging in simultaneously, especially during major events, addressing every single query or issue becomes a Herculean task. 
  • Personalization vs. Efficiency: In the quest for efficiency, there’s a risk of losing the personal touch that many players value. 
  • 24/7 Support Expectations: In a global industry, gamers play round the clock. Thus, support needs aren’t confined to ‘business hours’. 
  • Diverse Channels, Inconsistent Experience: Players interact through varied channels—web, mobile, social media, and more. Offering a consistent support experience across these is daunting. 
  • Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve: The rapid pace of technological advancement means that support tools can become obsolete almost overnight. 
  • Complex Issue Resolution: Not all gamer queries are simple. Some require deep dives, and traditional support systems often falter here. 
  • Integrating Proactive Outreach: While reactive support is crucial, proactive engagement—like SMS or email alerts about game updates or issues—can enhance player loyalty. 
  • Maintaining Security and Privacy: In the digital age, data breaches are a genuine concern. Ensuring player data security while offering top-notch support is a tightrope walk. 
  • Balancing Cost and Quality: Lastly, while premium support is desirable, it comes at a cost. Balancing fiscal prudence with quality is a perennial challenge. 

The Old Way vs. The Omnichannel Way 

Historically, gaming companies relied heavily on fragmented support tools—separate teams for chat, email, and phone support, often working in silos. Imagine a player reporting an issue via email, only to repeat the entire ordeal when switching to chat or phone. The experience was disjointed, frustrating, and, frankly, outdated. 

Contrast this with a modern, AI-supported omnichannel approach. Here’s how it revolutionizes the game: 

  • Proactive Outreach: Before a player even senses a glitch, they receive an SMS or email update, managing expectations and showcasing the brand’s proactive approach. 
  • AI-Powered Frontline: Upon encountering issues, the first touchpoint could be an AI chatbot, handling basic queries with speed and accuracy, and filtering more complex issues for human intervention. 
  • Seamless Transitions: If a query needs more in-depth attention, the transition from AI bot to a live agent—be it through text, voice, or video—is smooth. The agent already knows the context, ensuring the player doesn’t repeat themselves. 
  • Complex Issue Handling: For particularly intricate problems, there’s the assurance of ticketing and email follow-ups, ensuring the issue won’t fall through the cracks. 
  • Consistent Experience: Regardless of the channel—a mobile app, website, social platform, or even an in-game interface—the player experiences consistent, high-quality support, courtesy of the omni-channel framework. 

Balancing AI and the Human Touch 

While AI brings efficiency and scale to the table, there’s an irreplaceable value to human interaction, especially in delicate situations or when players seek a deeper connection. A harmonized blend of AI efficiency with human empathy and understanding is the sweet spot for player engagement and support. 

On the one hand, the convenience and responsiveness of automation increases engagement with players and helps to foster continuous connection. On the other hand, human support provides the essential personal communication that helps make a positive, lasting impression. With human and automated support working in tandem, at the right time and for the right query, gaming sites can: 

  • Increase conversion 
  • Boost player retention 
  • Increase player lifetime value 
  • Personalize communication. 

Comm100: Your Omnichannel Pioneer 

Understanding the gaming terrain and its intricacies is crucial for crafting the perfect support ecosystem. This is where Comm100, with its deep domain expertise and innovative solutions, shines brightly. Recognizing the unique needs of the gaming world, Comm100 offers an integrated approach, combining the prowess of AI with the warmth of human connection, all under the robust umbrella of omnichannel consistency. The game is on—are you ready? 

Kate Rogerson

About Kate Rogerson

Kate is the Content Marketing Manager at Comm100. She has extensive experience in content creation for technology companies across the world, including the UK, Australia and Canada. She specializes in B2B messaging, branding and soccer trivia.