Live chat contact center solutions for better customer care

Reliability meets simplicity in a single intelligent platform

Large contact centers face a wide range of challenges including high contact volumes of increasing complexity, agent scheduling and workload, and providing agents with the resources they need to efficiently handle customer inquiries. The Comm100 contact center solution is a complete multichannel live chat platform that fully integrates with existing systems, helping you maintain and improve service levels in the most challenging environments.

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Award-Winning Live Chat Platform

Multiply your contact center team’s productivity and effectiveness with the best AI-powered chat solution.

Multichannel and AI technology

Comm100 offers an enterprise-grade multichannel platform where every interaction is powered through an intuitive agent console. Whether you’re looking for live chat, knowledge base, ticketing, social media or audio and video chat, we offer a proven solution that meets the needs of your organization and customers.

When the time is right, you can manage contact volume and reduce queues with our AI-powered Chat. Chatbots are an easily scalable, resource-friendly solution that help automate responses and manage higher chat volumes.

Easy integration with existing systems

Comm100 integrates with major phone systems like Avaya and Cisco so your agents can log into the chat console and phone system simultaneously with a single set of credentials.

Increase efficiencies while minimizing costs

Even the best phone support agents can only help one customer at a time, which translates into significant overhead for large contact centers. With Comm100, live chat agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously; meaning fewer agents handle more support requests. The end result is lower support costs and a better bottom line.

Reliability and dependability

We offer multiple deployment options, including SaaS, private servers and onsite installations to provide tier-one performance and scalability for your live chat solution. On top of that, our MaximumOn technology provides guaranteed uptime to ensure your live chat solution is always available.

Automatic chat distribution

Our Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) routes chat requests to the right agents at the right time, based on the rules you define. Even in complex organizational structures, rules can be defined and combined to route chats based on support tiers/customer levels, geo-location, agent skill groups, or just about any other variable you can imagine.

Comprehensive reporting

With Comm100, managers and admins have access to a robust suite of reports and analytics that reveal agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, queue times, and more. Our 24/7 chat distribution reporting helps managers working with complex shift patterns to better plan and schedule workloads. Now organizations can continuously improve service and increase the productivity of agents.

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