Omnichannel customer engagement to improve support desk customer care

Real-time conversations that drive loyalty and revenue.

Customer expectations have hit new highs. They want support in real-time, and they want it done right the first time. Phone queues and email back logs just don’t cut it anymore. Omnichannel customer engagement is the new solution on the block, empowering agents to quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide personalized service on every key digital channel – increasing customer satisfaction and confidence.

Among all support methods used today, live chat ranks number one for customers looking to purchase products and services online, or access support for products and services they’ve already purchased.

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Customer satisfaction hits new highs

79% of customers say they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it offers compared to other channels. Simply put, problems get solved faster.

Email requires back and forth communication that can take hours, or even days. Phone support does not enable the use of document sharing and visual aids like graphics and screenshots. When customers get answers fast, satisfaction goes way up. Live chat makes that possible.

Improve agent efficiency while reducing costs

Even the best phone support agents can only talk to one customer at a time. And you can forget about responding to emails while you talk. Live chat lets your agents chat with multiple customers or visitors at once, keeping each conversation personalized, yet efficient. Add ticketing and messaging to the same system and you’ll take your customer support up a level.

Tools like canned messages and shortcuts optimize agent time and effort to help you achieve significant support cost savings.

The right agent at the right time for the right customer

Our Omnichannel platform gives you the flexibility to structure or tier your support efforts to provide the most optimal agent and customer experiences. Whether you assign account managers to customers; offer different support levels to public users vs. paid customers; or have varying membership or customer levels, Comm100’s Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) feature makes sure support requests get to the right agents at the right time.

Real-time remote assistance

When it comes to providing service and support, the ability to show and tell with step-by-step instructions is a game changer. With a single click, agents can see the customer’s web browser and easily understand where they are having trouble. They can then guide customers through complex processes or even request remote control for quicker resolution.

Customer engagement that grows when you do

Installing Comm100′ solution is fast and simple to do. Right out of the box, our platform is a high-performance, comprehensive support solution. Need to add agents? The platform is completely scalable and expandable to meet the needs of even the fastest growing companies. Adding agents takes seconds, and routing to the right reps, regardless of what department they’re in, is a no-brainer.

Information that drives improvement

Understanding the effectiveness of your support operations is essential to its success for both small teams with a handful of reps, and large enterprises with hundreds of support agents across many departments. Comm100’s platform gives managers and admins access to insightful reports that help track important metrics like agent efficiency and workload, customer satisfaction, queues and waiting times and chat distribution. When you’ve got the data, continuous improvement is a snap.

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