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A Shopping Checklist to Find the Best Government Live Chat

It’s unarguable that live chat can help improve communication between government and citizens and be a major component of improving customer service government. The real-time and accessible nature of live chat caters perfectly to today’s consumer expectations, while providing government agencies with an efficient and cost-effective channel. 

However, the effectiveness of this channel can vary widely depending on the live chat software. Not all live chat platforms are created equal, so to make sure you pick the right government live chat, this blog will take a look at: 

  • The top 4 factors to consider when choosing a live chat provider 
  • The best live chat providers for government websites on the market. 

Top 4 factors to look out for in government live chat

1. Excellent user experience 

A major reason for live chat’s popularity is its ease of use, so it’s crucial to find a solution that offers this. If something is complicated to use, customer experience will immediately suffer, and as so will engagement. The chatbox should also be inviting enough to compel the consumer to engage. 

It’s also important to find a live chat provider that offers high availability – look out for live chat software that is able to provide uptime even when during scheduled maintenance periods or unexpected system downtime to make sure your connection isn’t interrupted.  

2. High security standards 

Over the years, SaaS developers have worked with businesses to increase the efficacy and security of this vital customer service channel: most of today’s live chat providers offer some level of password protection and data encryption to help companies manage sensitive data.  

However, the level of security offered by different vendors does vary widely. This makes it all the more important to know how your live chat provider is managing your and your customers’ data, and what measures it has in place to detect and neutralize security breaches.  

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3. CRM integration 

Any government live chat software should be able to integrate with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, turning your CRM into a true knowledge hub.  

4. Custom routing 

Depending on the structure of your customer service operations, you might be used to routing queries based on several different factors. Your live chat provider should allow you to set up custom routing rules that can be programmed based on region, customer status, agent skillset, and more. That way, the right agent will receive the right customer query every time. 

For a more comprehensive guide into buying live chat software, download this free guide: 

The Live Chat Buyer’s Guide 

The Live Chat Buyer’s Guide 

As with any technology purchase, you need to be confident your making the right choice. Read this guide to do this for live chat. 

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The Best Government Live Chat

There is no shortage of live chat providers on the market. Choosing from among them can be an uphill task, so to help we have created a shortlist of the best live chat providers for governments, listed in alphabetical order. 


Comm100 specializes in live chat for government agencies, helping to close the gap between question and answer. Comm100 also offers omnichannel customer engagement, connecting every key digital channel into one platform for unified, efficient operations. Comm100 is known as one of the most secure platforms on the market. 


HubSpot helps government agencies “attract higher quality traffic to their website, convert that website traffic into engaged citizens, and provide citizens with the necessary resources they need.” The live chat software integrates with a range of in-house tools, as well as Facebook Messenger.  


Live Chat is one of the biggest providers that exist today, dating back to 2002. The software’s integration with popular CRMs is impressive, and it has an easy-to-use and simple agent interface that is often regarded as one of its best features.  

Zendesk Chat 

Zendesk Chat is part of the wider Zendesk customer service platform, “giving government organizations everything they need to deliver better customer experiences to the public.” The platform offers built-integrations, case management workflows – all built on an open platform that is easy to customize. 


Integrating a live chat platform into your government agency’s website goes a long way in enhancing the citizen experience. It also helps you build a solid relationship with your citizens, making them come back to you for services and solutions. 

At Comm100, we have built a live chat solution for government and public services. Comm100 Live Chat empowers agencies to provide transparent, accessible, and responsive support – if you don’t offer live chat yet, it’s about time you do. 

Live chat built for government and public services 

Live chat built for government and public services 

Comm100 Live Chat helps public sector organizations and government agencies offer personalized, real-time accessibility and response to stakeholders and constituents. 

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