Features for Customers

1Chat Button: Different designs for different sites
Comm100 Live Chat can be used on multiple websites and each website can have a unique design tailored to its specific needs while all inquiries can be answered within one account.
2Chat Invitation: Engage customers proactively
Automatic invitations can be sent to customers who may need help based on 20+ parameters such as visit times, current pages, etc. Engage customers with the right pitch at the right time.
3Mobile Friendly: Enable smooth access via mobile devices
Mobile friendly chat buttons and windows can fit perfectly into a mobile device, both in size and layout. Customers can get your help regardless of the device used to access your website.
4Intuitive Chat Window: Make live chat easy for customers
Embedded chat window will not be out of sight when customers switch from one page to another within your site. You can also switch to pop-up window.
5Social Media Logins: Free customers from filling forms
The world is connected by social media. Customers can quickly start a personal chat with you by signing in with their Facebook or Google+ account.
6Multiple Languages: Cater to your customers home and abroad
You can change the language on the customer's chat window to any language in need to deliver localized customer experience. Plus, there are 13 built-in languages for you to choose from.
7Full Customization: Make perfect first impression
Your chat buttons and windows can be fully customized to develop a consistent and professional branding image. A gallery of delicately designed templates in different styles is available.
8Drag & Drop File Transfer: Enrich your communication
Drag a selected file and drop it into the chat window for sending. Customers can seek for your help more conveniently by sharing files or screenshots.
9Post-chat Survey: Let customers help you improve
Customers get to grade the service they have received via rating and survey questions when the chat ends. A grade from each chat will show you which aspects of your customer service need improving.
10Email/Print Transcript: Save records for future reference
Full transcripts are available to be passed to designated emails or be printed as required. Customers can keep information they need locally as a memo to be looked into when necessary.

Features for Operators

1Typing Indicator: Read customers' minds
See what customers are typing in before they send it and solve customer cases quickly and efficiently. Provide a swift service for hesitating customers in particular.
2Canned Response: Reduce repetition in work
Create a library of canned responses to help you avoid typing the same answers again and again. This increases efficiency and ensures consistent outbound communication.
3Real-Time Visitor Monitoring: Know your customers
Visitor details such as referring URL, pages visited, and length of time on a page are displayed in real time during conversation. Find what your customers need and aid them accordingly.
4Custom Variables: Collect customer information automatically
Custom variables allow you to provide personalized customer service by automatically gathering customer information such as name, email and order ID upon their logging into your website.
5Spell Check: Don't let typos affect your professionalism
Correct grammar and spelling are part of professionalism in chatting with customers. The built-in spell checker helps you detect and mark spelling mistakes during your typing.
6Chat History: Start off every chat informed
You can easily access previous chat information during a chat and get the context necessary to resolve customer cases. Chat history can also be recorded for later follow up.
7Mobile Apps: Stay online while on the go
We offer handy mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which makes it possible for you to keep connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.
8Teamwork: Get help from workmates promptly
Transfer an ongoing chat to another operator when running into cases you are not familiar with or simply ask others for suggestions. It's really easy to get help from your team mates.
9Pre-chat Survey: Get yourself ready before chatting
Place name, email, department, etc. and other custom fields as you need into pre-chat window for customers to fill and get related information.

Features for Managers

1Chat Supervising: Keep everything in control
In real time, monitor inexperienced operators to guide them and offer training opportunity if necessary. And monitor chatting for difficult cases to ensure chat quality.
2Department Routing: Put customers in the right hand
Specialized means better service. Group your operators into departments and let customers select a department before chatting. Make sure each case is handled professionally.
3KPI Reporting: Make informed decisions for improvement
Reports give you a clear and overall look at your customer service efficiency individually or as a team. By graphically monitoring KPI trends, you can better locate areas for improving.
4Third-Party Integration: Never lose track
Your live chat can integrate with leading CRM systems, ticket systems, or Google Analytics, so that you can share chat data with other applications for later follow up or analysis.
5Account Security: Keep your account safe
Protect your account from unauthorized access with a strong password policy and IP restriction. CAPTCHA is required in the event of continuous login error.


Never lose contact with your customers
MaximumOn is a patent-pending technology that enables Comm100's live chat solution to achieve unprecedented high availability. With this technology, Comm100 Live Chat is deployed in two separate data centers. When deployment in one data center fails, the redundant deployment in the other data center will automatically take over. Your live chat remains intact, no matter there is a scheduled maintenance or an unexpected system failure. Learn More

Deployment Options

Shared Dedicated Self-hosted
Hosted & Maintained by Comm100 Hosted & Maintained by Comm100 Hosted & Maintained by Clients
Share hardware with others Enjoy hardware exclusively -
License fee License fee
Server fee
License fee
Support fee
Paid monthly/quarterly/every half a year/annually Paid annually Paid annually
24*7 support 24*7 support
Account manager
24*7 support
Account manager
Pricing Plans Request a Callback Request a Callback

Desktop & Mobile

Stay online across your digital devices
Comm100 Live Chat offers desktop app compatible with all popular operation systems including Windows series, iMac series, and Linux, etc. to enhance your chat experience. We also offer handy mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which makes it possible for you to keep connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.

API & Webhook

Realize seamless data sharing
You can integrate your applications with Comm100 Live Chat through our APIs and Webhook. The chat data transferred can be used in your innovative projects and help improve customer satisfaction.

Live Chat for Enterprise

Built for large organizations
We also have an enterprise edition that caters to the customer service needs of large organizations, with advanced features such as:
  • Rule-based chat routing
  • Automatic chat distribution
  • In-depth KPI reporting
  • Training & premier support
  • 1-877-305-0464 (Toll-Free)
  • 1-778-785-0464
Email US
  • support@comm100.com
  • sales@comm100.com
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