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Why You Need Customer Support Software (and How to Get it for Free)

In today’s digital world, power rests with the consumer. With so much choice, consumers can jump from one brand to another quickly, and in most cases, easily. Competition is tough and loyalty is precarious. And in ‘the age of the customer’, they also have more power than ever to get their voices heard. 

To manage this, businesses must do all they can to perfect the customer experience. Customer experience has emerged as the difference between a sale and a lost customer. In fact, research from PwC shows that 32% of customers will walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience. On top of this, 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience. 

One of the keyways you can provide this level of customer experience is by using customer support software. 

The best customer support software will connect all your key digital channels together into one platform, whether that’s live chat, email, social or SMS. From here, you can provide streamlined, efficient, and helpful support that will convert customers and drive loyalty. 

The good news is there is a range of free customer support software options on the market. They vary in the number of free channels, features, and agent seats they offer – but more on this later. First, let’s understand why customer support software is so important to providing the very best customer experience. 

Why your team needs customer support software 

1. Customers want instant answers

There are few things that customers hate more than waiting in a long queue to speak to an agent. According to research conducted by Aircall, 35% of respondents were willing to wait 30-60 seconds for a response via live chat, while only 4% were willing to wait more than 5 minutes. Long wait times are a CX killer, and even a couple of minutes can be too long. 

Customers want and expect immediate attention. So how can your company provide this? You could try using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to cut down wait times. However, this technology is becoming more and more unpopular – only 15% of people feel that IVR was conducive to a positive customer experience and 98% try to skip it completely.  


– Live chat 

When setting up your customer support system, live chat is the best place to start. A key reason why live chat is the most popular customer service channel is because of its speed. Customers can ask and receive a question in seconds with very little effort. It’s also very popular with the end user because while they chat with the agent, they can do other tasks. And the great thing is, this can all be achieved without sacrificing the personal touch that is so important to customer engagement and loyalty. 

– Chatbots 

Chatbots are the ultimate tool for speeding up customer service. With a chatbot working across your live chat channel (as well as social media and SMS), a large portion of your common, repetitive questions can be automatically managed without any human involvement. This helps to curb queues and wait times, while allowing agents to focus on more high-value customers and queries. Chatbots can also maintain an unlimited amount of simultaneous chats 24/7, relieving the burden off live agents – keeping both your customers and agents happy. 

– Efficiency tools 

The best customer engagement software solutions offer a variety of tools that your agents can use to enhance capacity and speed of service. Canned messages, internal knowledge bases, agent-to-agent chat, and keyboard shortcuts all help agents to respond faster by reducing the time-consuming work of crafting messages to customers. 

2. Customers want to connect on a range of channels 

Customer decision making is complex, but one thing that is becoming more common among all demographics is the desire to connect on different channels at different times. Perhaps customers are on-the-go and so they need to reach out through their mobile phones. Or maybe they’re on the couch at home and want to drop a quick email during a commercial break while in front of the TV. 

Whatever the reason, consumers appreciate, and even often expect, to be able to reach out on different channels. It’s important to meet customers where they’re at – being available on many channels is often touted as the golden standard in CX. So how can you manage all these separate channels? 


– Omnichannel customer support  

If you’re on the hunt for a customer support system, then omnichannel should be on your shopping checklist. Omnichannel customer support platforms connect every digital channel and customer conversation together on one platform.  

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For the customer, this not only means that they have the choice to reach out on the channel that suits them. It also means that can move freely between channels without having to repeat themselves.  

For the agent, it means they no longer need to hunt down information from conversation histories across different platforms. The customer’s complete history with your company’s website, products, social media platforms, and all prior support conversations is all clearly displayed within a unified agent console. 

The best (and free) customer engagement software will offer all the key digital channels within the platform – live chat, email, social media, ticketing and SMS – so you can offer a truly omnichannel experience. 

Free all-in-one customer engagement platform

Free all-in-one customer engagement platform

Serve your customers on live chat, audio & video chat, email, social media, mobile text messaging, and a self-serve knowledge base. All for free, forever!

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3. Customers often want to solve their issue by themselves 

While many customers like to engage with agents to get their question solved, many don’t. Many would rather avoid speaking to an agent and find the solution to their problem by themselves.  

To do this, customers will naturally search online – so how can customer service teams make sure that they make it as easy as possible to find the answers? 


– Knowledge base 

A knowledge base is key to any effective customer support software to allow your customers to ‘self-serve’. A knowledge base lets customers search for an answer to their question through an easy-to-use search feature either on your website,  in the live chat window, or both. If a customer tries to connect with an agent through a live chat window, for example, they can first be presented with a list of top knowledge base articles and search bar that will help them quickly and easily access the information they seek. This easy access to information empowers the customer to easily resolve their issue on their own while also helping keep customers out of queues. 

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– Chatbots  

While we have touched on the use of chatbots for online customer support software already, it’s worth noting its use in a self-serve support strategy. For those not wanting to speak to an agent, chatbots can provide instant answers for fast and independent self-serve. They can also perform tasks on behalf of the customer, from booking tickets to making payments, checking balances and changing passwords, and more. 

How to find the best customer support software 

So the next question on your journey to a growth in sales, improved customer satisfaction, and amazing customer experience is – how can you find the best customer support software for your business? 

Here are the key considerations to help you understand what to look for in the best customer engagement software: 

  • Centralized support on all key digital channels (live chat, email, ticketing, social media, SMS) 
  • Integration with your CRM and other core systems 
  • Cross-channel ticket management 
  • Integrated (and free!) Knowledge Base 
  • Audio and video chat for free 
  • Robust reporting 
  • Agent efficiency tools 

Read the full low-down here. 

The very good news is you can get all this for free! Comm100 offers advanced free customer engagement software, with all the above features and much more so you can provide the service & support your customers expect across every key digital channel. Better yet, you get unlimited users, chats, and messages – free forever! 

To learn more about Comm100’s free all-in-one customer engagement platform (and why our customers love it) click the link below. 

Free all-in-one customer engagement platform

Free all-in-one customer engagement platform

Serve your customers on live chat, audio & video chat, email, social media, mobile text messaging, and a self-serve knowledge base. All for free, forever!

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