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Monitor Website Visitors in Real Time

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to monitor and identify your website visitors so that you can create more personalized interactions. You not only get basic demographic information about your visitors, but also in depth insights such as their account information, navigation behavior, interests, contact history and more.

The visitor information collected can also be used within automatic chat invitations to proactively engage target visitors and can also be used to better route chats to the right agents in your ACD system.

Visitor Monitor

Comm100 Built-In Visitor Monitor

Gain a 360-degree view of your visitors from more than 30 system parameters via Comm100’s built-in real-time visitor monitor. You can see your visitor’s geographical information, source, browsing history, contact history and much more. You can also define a specific search by your own rules to quickly locate visitors you want to target via proactive chat invitations.

Visitor Info - Custom Variables

Display Information from Your Web Page

Comm100 Live Chat integrates with your website, enabling you to extract information from your web pages using custom variables. For example, if you are running an e-commerce site, you can choose to display items in your customers’ shopping carts and their total cart values within the visitor monitor.

Comm100 Live Chat Varible Mapping

Account Information in Your Sign-in System

You can map any of your existing customer account information with pre-chat fields and custom variables. When your customer starts a chat after signing into your website, you can see their account information in the mapped fields of the Pre-Chat and Custom Variable sections. Additionally, the IDs of your customers in your account system are also displayed in the Info tab next to their names. Learn more

crm Integration

CRM Integration

With one click, you can use Comm100’s out-of-the-box Salesforce integrations to recognize and access a full profile of the visitors who are already in your system for a more comprehensive view.


Pre-Chat Survey

Set up a pre-chat survey to collect visitor information such as name, email and any other information that can save time and personalize chats. Learn more

social media account

Visitors’ Social Media Accounts

Instead of filling in a pre-chat survey, visitors can also sign in with their Facebook or Google+ accounts to start a chat, giving you automatic access to a visitor’s name and email.

visitor segmentation

Visitor Segmentation

Visitor Segmentation enables you to divide your visitors into different segments based on pre-defined rules and keep agents informed of segmentation in real time. For example, you can create a visitor segment for the VIP clients and have notifications sent to your VIP support team whenever a VIP client arrives on your site. Learn more

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