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Customer service reporting

Comm100 Analytics converts conversations into data, and data into insights.

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Comm100’s customer service reporting software doesn’t only help you understand what’s going on with your digital conversations today – it reveals what you should think about to ensure success tomorrow.

live chat reporting

Live chat reporting

Track your chat volume, service quality, and team performance with our robust reporting suite. Quickly understand chat traffic patterns, track visitor ratings over time and measure conversions to prove ROI from live chat.

Popular live chat reports include:

  • Chat source and chat volume
  • Queue length and wait times
  • Workload
  • Rating
  • Efficiency
  • Conversions

Ticketing & Messaging reporting

With Ticketing & Messaging reporting, you can easily check the status of all tickets generated from your ticketing & messaging channels and review your agent’s and team’s performances. Keep tabs on ticket volume, resolution history, service level agreement breaches, and more to make sure that you’re meeting your customers’ expectations.
Popular Ticketing & Messaging reports include:

  • Real-time
  • Volume
  • Channel
  • Efficiency
  • SLA
Ticketing & Messaging reporting
AI chatbot reporting

Chatbot reporting

Our powerful chatbot reporting suite enables you to measure the accuracy, effectiveness, and ROI of your Comm100 chatbot. Detailed reports covering chat volume, confidence scoring, bot-agent collaboration, and visitor feedback help you monitor and improve your chatbot over time.

Popular chatbot reports include:

  • Resolved & unresolved bot chats & conversations
  • High confidence answers
  • Rating
  • Usage

Global features reporting

Our Global feature report allows you to monitor the time your agents are available to answer customer queries in real-time or within a defined time range. It also enables you to understand the canned message utilization and helps you effectively manage your canned message library accordingly.

Popular global features customer service  reports include:

  • Availability
  • Canned message usage
Global features reporting
custom report

Custom report

Comm100 Custom Report allows you to create your own reports using the dimensions and metrics of your choice and decide how they should be displayed. Give you more flexibility in setting data filters, applying visualizations, and analyzing objects and activities.

Custom Report includes:

  • Real-time customization
  • Multiple data visualization
  • Downloaded and shared as PDF

“The analytics that Comm100 offers are unmatched compared to other vendors. Other vendors didn’t get as deeply into real-time analytics and historical data. As an overall package, Comm100 provides everything that our company needs.”

— Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex

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