How Schema Could Boost Your E-Commerce Website Traffic

June 17th, 2014 | Alicia Lawrence | Website Optimization | Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes
boost website traffic with schema

The slightest details in search engine results pages (SERPs) can have a major impact on its click-through-rate. Users are more likely to click on more descriptive listings that contain reviews (stars), videos and images. These descriptive listings are called rich snippets.

One way webmasters can have a level of control over their website’s rich snippets is through Schema. Below is how you can use this relatively new markup language recognized by major search engines to send more traffic to your e-commerce site.

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Special Offers

By using Schema you can communicate to search engines more specific information about the offers currently taking place on your e-commerce site.

One of Schema’s functions allows you to make special offers and sales visible when your site shows up in search engines. These rich snippets will make the offers that you designate with Schema visible to users when they search for your organization on search engines. Aside from your company’s name and URL, details about these offers will generate in the search engines as part of the result.

In order to tell search engines and users a little more about your offers, you can use offer-specific properties such as conditions, availability, and warranties.
boost website traffic with schema - offer

Product Information

Similar to the way in which users can communicate special offers via Schema, specific product information can also be conveyed. Using the Product Schema you can create templates that determine the way in which product information will be displayed in search results along with your site’s name and URL. This is an effective strategy for funneling potential customers toward specific marquee products, as the search results will display information about the product as well as its price.
boost website traffic with schema  -  product info

Schema’s markup vocabulary is constantly growing. In your product’s schema you can include its physical properties, product IDs, and product types.


If your site boasts positive reviews for usability or specific products, the reviews and ratings schema will facilitate the information to Google. The average rating and the number of reviews given to a specific product will automatically generate below the product’s result field on Google. While this can be a deterrent to site traffic if product ratings are low, it is certainly an advantageous piece of information to display if they’re positive.
boost website traffic with schema  -rating

As you can see from the image, PC Mag is utilizing the ratings Schema to display the average their review for the Nikon Coolpix. If you would like to utilize the same strategy and display the rating for your site’s user experience, then Schema markup is your best bet.

Image and Video Snippets

Another aspect of Schema, though not as helpful for e-commerce, is the “ImageObject Schema”. Unless you utilize this Schema that lets Google know which image snippet to display along with a product’s search result, Google generally chooses not to include any image at all. This is due to the fact that most webpages have multiple images and Google elects to display results without an image rather than risk displaying an irrelevant image.

The same goes for videos, as videos without a schema are at risk for being overlooked and excluded from search results. On the other hand, videos with a designated markup will appear with a thumbnail image, description and other key information.

For instance, if you wanted to use Schema to create a markup for the “What Does Molly Do?” motion graphic, you would utilize the “VideoObject” Schema. This Schema will designate which image Google should accompany the video with, how to describe the video, what organization published it and numerous other details. Considering that images and videos are already enticing pieces of content, using a Schema will allow them to stand out more in search results and promote more engagement.
boost website traffic with schema  - snippet

Above is a screenshot of what Schema’s video markup looks like when using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to test if you implemented Schema markup correctly for a video.

Google Shopping

Since Google Shopping became a paid service from the standpoint of e-commerce sites, it has opened the door for custom data feeds. Information received from sites such as Schema translate into detailed image snippets in Google’s search results.

For example, searching the keyword “kill mosquitos” brings up Google’s shopping results for items related to the keyword. The first image snippet features a product from Mosquito Magnet.
boost website traffic with schema  - google shopping

Not only does the snippet generated by Schema provide an image and a link to the site’s landing page, it also display’s the product’s price and shipping information. With one glance potential customers have already seen your product, know what they’ll have to pay for it and are one click away from the point of purchase.

The Schema designed to designate images solves this problem as it allows you to display images of specific products on Google when they come up in search results. This is beneficial for driving traffic as research suggests users are far more likely to click on a link when it is accompanied by an image.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers the old saying suggests that appearance is everything. Luckily for webmasters Schema is a tool that offers more control over the way in which products, content and links to your site appear in search results. Consider taking advantage of the aforementioned Schema’s in order to drive more traffic to your site and its content.

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[Free Download] How to Structure Your Website for Better Conversion

Website design is crucial to conversion rate. This eBook gives you some insights on product grouping, website focus, customer expectations, and live chat measurement.

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