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January 10th, 2014 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes
comm100 partnered with staff my site

We like to announce that Comm100 Partnered up with Staff My Site. It is with an aim to bring you a one-stop solution for your live chat. This irresistible bundle provides you with Comm100’s live chat software and Staff My Site’s trained live chat agents.

A Live chat service is a powerful tool that can help you grow your web business by leaps and bounds. Take a quick glance at the following and you will soon know how.

Why Live Chat Services?

Trust online chat services to lend you a helping hand by
  1. Talking to the potential customers.
  2. Promoting the name of your brand.
  3. Building up on the brand reputation.
  4. Answering to the queries of perplexed customers.
  5. Trying to persuade the target audience to avail your services.
  6. Increasing the traffic at your website.
  7. Live chat service is widely known to convert a mere browser to a regular customer.

What Benefits Can Be Expected from Live Chat Staffing Services Offered by Staff My Site?

  1. Provide you with experienced professionals who will help you set-up and provide savvy staffing solutions to keep live chat on your website alive and active 24×7.
  2. In line with client expectations specific to this industry, Staff My Site has solutions to suit businesses ranging from fledgling online stores to big established enterprises.
  3. Staff My Site live chat agents are deft and experienced enough to tell a browser from a buyer, a curious onlooker from a potential customer. Their insight in the field and their communication skills can be tapped to rake in moolah.
  4. These live chat agents can handle multiple customers at a time. Their ability to cater to every visitor will help you make sure that you do not miss out even on a single customer.
  5. Utilizing a live chat staffing service is also helpful in the sense that you can get an instant feedback from your target audience.
  6. Live chat service can add to the customer’s faith in your brand. That your brand representative is instantly replying shows that you are concerned about your customers.
  7. Live chat agents can give the convincing nudge that most of the buyers need. They can persuade the customer and give them the much needed push towards the purchase.

Remember, a happy and satisfied customer translates in to a patron or a loyal customer. Needless to say, all these above mentioned factors will happily exert a favorable influence on your product’s sale and ultimately on your profit.  This bundled offer will allow you to offload all the regular routine task of staff your website to an expert leaving you all the time to focus on managing your business.

To learn more about Staff My Site’s live chat agents service, please visit:


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