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January 17th, 2011 | Anna Cheung | Website Optimization | Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes
improve website experiences

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Looking at your own website in an expert’s eyes never helps.  To build reliance and trust from your customers takes a lot of patience and action.

Now imagine you are shopping online, do you find yourself a very skeptical consumer? The truth is that most of your visitors think the same way. They won’t be easily hooked up by something that looks too good to be true. To tell your customers things exactly as they are is vitally important today.

From a businessman’s perspective, whoever wins the battle against customers’ skepticism and builds trust from customers survives.

Fortunately, there are some practical and effective ways to help you get a bigger chance to win customers. Here are 5 tips based on the author’s own experience.

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Stick With a Modern Website Design

It’s hard to overemphasize just how important it is to have a professional looking website that is both modern and visually appealing. Your site should look as different from this monstrosity as possible.

A professional website often gives the visitor different images to look at, but everything is organized and serves a purpose.

To illustrate, observe this concrete company’s website. The High Concrete website is very organized while offering a great deal of content. All relevant information such as what the company’s product is and how to learn more information is readily available. There’s nothing confusing about navigation and the website has a modern appeal.

The best way to get a more professional and modern design is to get professional consultation and if necessary, to hire a company or individual that specializes with building company websites.

Responsive Navigation

Really, these two elements should be separate but since they are pretty similar I decided to lump them together. A roadmap for a site is essentially an outline for navigation. In other words, you put together a map of sorts for how the site will work and how users will move around. Take some time to explore any sites you enjoy visiting and take a look at how they handle navigation and the UI. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas or use similar elements on your own site.

It should be noted that this is one of the most important aspects of any website. If the navigation is clumsy or causes confusion then visitors won’t stick around or explore the site. What good is a website if you’re actually scaring those sale leads away?

Screenshot of 12 Keys Rehab. Not only does 12 Keys highlight what category you are in on the main navigation bar (Addiction Information) but it also has the bread crumbs at the top of the page (Home – Addiction Information – Drugs) and related information to the right (where it says “Addiction Information”)

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Make Your Website Secure

This is extremely important for e-tailers or businesses that sell products and services online right from their site. Most online portals are insecure, and that’s been brought to light a lot lately with news of rampant hacks and intrusions. Because of it, customers are wary of sharing personal and financial information online, and they have every right to be.

As a business, you need to show them that it’s safe to purchase goods from your network. You can do this by securing your website and any transaction services you make use of.

Screenshot by CheckMark. CheckMark displays their security badge on the lower left hand side of their site. They also build trust with consumers by going into details on their policy page. And, of course, having live chat gives customers a chance to get their questions answered in real time to give them a peace of mind about purchasing your products.

Your site can also be secured with an SSL certificate, which means that any information shared between you and your clients is protected behind a layer of encryption. Vital info like credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses and more can be hidden from intruders even if they gain access. Some great security services include VeriSign, TrustE, Entrust and GeoTrust.

Use Images Sensibly

It’s true that images are one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of visitors, however it’s easy to abuse the use of images by misusing them.

You must be careful to ensure that images do not overwhelm the visitor. For an example of how to do this well, see the Cleveland Brothers construction equipment website.

The image slider automatically changes the main image every several seconds to communicate different information. There are image text links as well as images that give the visitor a clear understanding of what products and services are available.

It’s not enough to simply add a single main image and hope the visitor understands what you’re trying to say. If your images do not clearly communicate what your brand is about, they serve no purpose and will actually detract from your website.

Break up Text into Sections and Paragraphs

See this link for a great example of a “wall of text” versus the decision to break up textual information.

No matter how important your product is or the information you wish to share might be, the average visitor will simply not elect to read through a “wall of text” to get to the information. Individuals are most likely to glean information by skimming over bolded section headings and words in order to come away with the gist of the points made.

As such you want to use section headings that concisely state what the point of that particular section of text is. You want to bold any information you want visitors to read, and even links can help break up visual monotony.

Try to keep paragraphs short, no longer than a few sentences. And if you have a great deal of information to share about a particular product or idea, consider giving that section its own page on your website.

Here’s another picture of Cleveland Brother’s website of how to break up text correctly.

Make Good Use of Color

If your company has a logo featuring colors other than black and white, there is no logical reason to use a color scheme that differs from those colors already associated with your company.

It’s fine to add a few accent colors for variety but make sure you stick to the main colors of your logo and brand. Those logo colors are what visitors will associate with your company.

Be Honest and Tell the Truth

No doubt, the Internet may bring incredibly large groups of visitors to your website. It also reveals dishonest deeds and fake information to the customers extremely fast. Once the reputation is broken, your website is infamous anywhere. Always show your customers true statistics and real case studies. Take it slowly, you will find more customers coming because you are true and honest with them.

Offer Live Chat Support

When you just meet somebody, you may keep some distance. You get closer and more familiar as you start talking to each other. It’s the same with your website. The site becomes active when you offer live chat support. Good live chat software will help you get closer with your customers. With the records you get from your live chat software, you can also list those most frequently asked questions. Put a FAQ or Knowledge Base on your site and keep updating. Your visitor would develop further trust when they know you better from reading them.

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Exhibit Product Guarantee and Review

Online shopping could feel like gambling when there is no guarantee for the things. To be able to get 100% money back when your customers are unsatisfied with the products or services can eliminate their doubt. Customers’ positive comments can also help calm their nerves. When you are chatting with your customers through live chat software, don’t forget to ask them to comment positively as it would be the best free advertisement you have.

Make the Best of ‘About Us’ on Your Website

This is a perfect section for you to show your visitors who you are or the things about your company that will leave a good impression.  Still as mentioned before, be totally honest. Be true to your customers even if yours is a small company or you have just started your business. Every stage has its own attraction. You can also exhibit some photos of your company or pictures about the activities your employees took part in. Show them a team with energy and solidarity. A video would be even better for your visitors to understand you.

If we were to put together a more comprehensive list it would include dozens – if not hundreds – of points for good website design. Make sure your website follows – or will follow – these points and you should be good to go. More importantly, your visitors will enjoy exploring your site and as such they will stick around. In turn, that means more sales for your company and more leads coming your way.

increase website conversion with live chat

[Free Download] How to Structure Your Website for Better Conversion

Website design is crucial to conversion rate. This white paper gives you some insights on product grouping, website focus, customer expectations, and live chat measurement.

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