7 Smart Ways to Increase Visitor Interactions on Your Website

February 25th, 2014 | Jesse Aaron | Website Optimization | Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes
increase website visitor interaction

A website with fantastic copy and a killer design doesn’t count for much until people start interacting with it. Marketing and advertising campaigns bring us a targeted audience. We have the ideal combination of a target demographic and a beautiful website, but how can we ensure visitors follow conversion paths?

Whatever metrics you’re using to gauge a campaign’s success, it all comes down to one thing — how many people took action. You’d think people would just start clicking things when they reach a website, but they don’t.
  • If they’re informational, they’ll leave if their search query is not met.
  • If they’re transactional, they’ll leave if products don’t match their expectations.

However, we can remedy common symptoms of poor conversion rate by using the following seven strategies to influence visitor interactions.

increase website conversion with live chat

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Make Sure the Website Works

One of the most overlooked conversion killers is code bugs and onsite problems. A page might not render properly or categories might lead to incorrect products.

Run regular usability tests to make sure there’s no lapse in performance. URLs get updated and the old copies still get linked to, resulting in 404s. Have a broken link tool running to make sure we redirect broken links to updated pages.

When our site is seamless, visitors have their basic expectation met. That’s right, visitors expect everything to work and, in the case of site maintenance or related temporary site shut-downs, they want to be informed immediately.

Some of the popular processes for proper site health are to:
  • Use a caching system & a CDN to load pages quicker
  • Run eye tracking software or related tracking tools to constantly improve site features
  • Integrate a live chat system to help visitors with inquiries

Tell People What They’ll Get

It’s obvious that you created a website to generate interest or income. What’s not so obvious is what users get out of it. Tell people how they’ll benefit from our website and they’ll be more likely to give us undivided attention, however brief that may be.

Will visitors save money? Be more efficient? Find success at work or in love?

Make it clear in your messaging. Write customer-centric copy throughout the site, using phrases like “you’ll get this” instead of “we offer this.” You want their attention, so make your messages about them.

New visitors learn and retain one vital thing: the promise of a benefit. After they convert, that promise becomes something they naturally expect.

For example, on Amazon we have a grand expectation “any product for a cheap price and quick shipping”. But chances are, we’re not operating at the scale of Amazon. So what about smaller-scale businesses?

Let’s look at the homepage (the typical landing page for most ecommerce websites) and clearly identify first impressions:

Everything in the red boxes (the images) will influence us first and foremost, because visuals online transmit quicker. In this example from Cliffside, we internalize the following:
  • ‘Artisan’ keyword translates authenticity, uniqueness, and quality.
  • Product images confirm our search query (i.e.; handles)
  • Our first impression is now established: a fine quality, niche product.

Everything else is a secondary consideration, such as price, product reviews, and availability.

The blue lines indicate secondary considerations that come after the first impression is made. This includes the company logo, categories, and products.

Make it Worth Their While

The idea of “getting something for little to nothing” is a tried and true marketing tactic. Since people like freebies, make them part of your strategy. Offer a little reward or incentive as a thank you for your visitors’ interaction.

Give a discount for subscribing to a newsletter or signing up or your loyalty program, or one free month for a paid service. You could also make it a long-standing benefit. For example, automatic member discounts can go a long way to attracting potential buyers.

Post Reviews and Comments

According to a survey from Dimensional Research, 90 percent of customers were influenced by online reviews when deciding to buy—or not buy—a product or service. Publish reviews and testimonials from happy customers to increase trust and give potential buyers peace of mind.

Scatter these glowing reviews throughout your site. Placing one or two reviews in key positions will do wonders for your response rate. Also, create a review section on every product page. That way, people can compare other customer experiences and then make a purchase, all on one page.

A reviews and rating system similar is a fundamental part of the conversion path. So is live chat. As potential customers emerge along the path, they may run into problems or realize information is missing about a product. With a live chat system in place, all forms of customer anxiety can be alleviated. The trick here is to prioritize accessibility.

Write a Clear Call to Action

You have a big red button in the middle of a web page with a line like “Keep reading.” You’d think people would get the hint. Turns out they don’t, as a recent experiment from Copyblogger showed. If you want a big response to your offer, spell out exactly what the visitor has to do.

This usually means telling them to “click here” when your page has a button, or when you email a valuable link. You can add other text if you want, but make sure it includes one clear direction visitors have to follow.

CTAs are just as much a part of the conversion path as customer reviews. Even getting a visitor to read customer reviews can be classified as a CTA goal.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Once you’ve got a visitor’s attention, they’re open to anything you have to say. Why not take advantage of the moment and try to get a little more? Upsells and cross-sells are a great way to improve results without any extra effort.

Most businesses do this at the end of a transaction, but you could start even earlier. If someone is reading about one newsletter, add a link to another. If someone is researching a product, show them other things that go with that product. This is known as bundle marketing. We see a product for a certain price, then we see a bundle which includes that product and frequent related products purchased, all for a discounted price.

Also, during live chat conversations there are ample opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. This requires professional training and customer service sales experience, but it’s a valuable part of the conversion path.

Recommended for you: 5 Key Guidelines for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Chase Down Those Who Leave

Despite all your best efforts, some fish just won’t bite.

Don’t take it as a failure, though—follow up on it. Thanks to new tracking tools, you can identify visitors that walked away without interacting, and then reach out to them one more time.

Employ retargeting tools to pursue past visitors. This allows you to get back on their radar through display ads on search engines and other sites. Some people don’t like this at all, but studies show the resulting response rates are worth the annoyance.

Don’t just attract visitors to your site — try these techniques and invite interaction!

increase website conversion with live chat

[Free Download] How to Structure Your Website for Better Conversion

Website design is crucial to conversion rate. This eBook gives you some insights on product grouping, website focus, customer expectations, and live chat measurement.

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Jesse Aaron is a professional marketing blogger and a Community Manager at WebpageFX. He writes about eCommerce, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Follow Jesse on Google+

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