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Update the Old Code

Starting from August 1, 2015, the old live chat code will stop functioning. If you continue using the old code on your website, your chat button will no longer appear and neither you nor your customers can initiate chats. To stay connected with your customers, please make sure the chat code on all your web pages…

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Realizing highest quality customer service at minimum support cost is one of the primary goals of each customer service team; and this requires a real-time and comprehensive reporting. To help you gain in-depth knowledge about your chat volume distribution and maximize your operator productivity, we’ve introduced more reports to Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise, dedicated…

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Live chat is proven to be the best communication channel for high conversion as well as customer satisfaction. More and more businesses are considering the adoption of live chat software to stay competitive in the industry. While doing live chat review, you need to thoroughly compare them in an all-round way including functions, availability, pricing…

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Efficiency matters. The faster customers’ problems are solved, the higher customer satisfaction is. That’s where live chat comes in as a real time and multi-tasking communication tool. It seems a bit challenging to actually engage with visitors in real time while handling multiple visitors simultaneously. Good news is there are a bunch of good features…

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We are excited to announce that Comm100 is now a BBB Accredited Business! From now on, you can see the public, objective and unbiased information about Comm100’s service here on BBB website. In the meantime, you can review and supervise us through BBB. Let me give you some background knowledge about BBB just in case….

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Millennials are the group of people who were born between 1980 and 2000 and they have become increasingly popular in the customer service area. According to a recent report conducted by Softeware Advice, they would rather choose live chat as the way to contact brands. According to the report, the No.1 reason why they prefer…

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In the customer service industry, canned messages are pre-defined answers to frequently asked questions from customers. Many companies see canned messages as a way to boost customer service efficiency because customer representatives don’t have to type long ritual messages such as step by step instructions. That is especially true under live chat scenario where an…

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Hope you all have had a happy New Year. Upon entering 2015, we feel it is meaningful to wrap up the past year regarding Comm100 Live Chat usage. Therefore we have done some data analysis and come up with some interesting findings for your reference. Check the infographic below to see how our customers were…

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Hi there! The holiday season is just around the corner and 2014 is coming to a close soon. At this special moment, we would like to wish you a sweetest holiday and merriest gathering together with your family. Every year at this time, we pause and reflect on all the challenges and triumphs over the…

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In my last post about live chat etiquette, I have given some common practices in business communication for your reference. While some practices are recognized by most business communicators, there are rules that are still in debate whether or not they should be used in formal settings such as online customer support and work emails….

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