Over half of customer interactions are multi-event, multi-channel journeys

Comm100 Live Chat offers you direct, personalized, and real-time customer engagements. Complete your customer-first, low-effort engagement strategy with these digital channels.

Social Media

World-class customer support for your social media channels

If your customers are on social media, you can bet they’re talking about you. In fact, they’re likely talking to you as well. Your customer support needs to be in the loop on those conversations – seamlessly blended into your Comm100 Live Chat platform. Now you can engage directly on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, and more.


Email: The tried and true support channel familiar for all

It’s the rare customer support team that doesn’t use email as a support communication channel. After all, email is second only to phone (and barely) when it comes to preferred support channels because it’s easy and well understood. Comm100 Ticketing helps unify your support inbox while integrating seamlessly with Comm100 Live Chat.

Knowledge Base

Self-service channel

81% of customers prefer to resolve issues themselves before talking to a customer service representative (you’ve done it, haven’t you?). Comm100’s Knowledge Base is an intuitive, fast, and effective self-service platform. And as you would expect, it plugs right in to Comm100 Live Chat – for both your visitors and your agents.