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88% of students want the option of using different support channels.

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What does this mean for continuing education?

With many continuing education students choosing distance learning options to fit their busy schedules, omnichannel student engagement platforms like Comm100 are becoming increasingly key to student success.

Student Engagement Benchmarks

We’ve analyzed a year’s worth of chats to bring you the live chat industry benchmarks for higher education. Read the full report for the trends and best practices that continuing education professionals need to know.

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Technology to transform continuing education

As a continuing education professional, you need to accommodate students who may be working professionals. Comm100 connects all your digital channels through omnichannel to provide support flexibility across devices and platforms.

Support Availability

Be more responsive to continuing education students by being everywhere at once. Omnichannel connects your digital channels so that students have more ways to connect.

Expanded Hours

With professional students who may be working during the day, increased support availability becomes key. A bot can provide the after-hours support your students need and take messages for support staff to follow up with when they’re back online.

Reduced Barriers

Continuing education students may need real-time help but lack the confidence to reach out over video or voice. Live chat gives students an easy way to get help while working through assignments.

Expanded Capability

Keeping up with course delivery across multiple schools can be hard. Omnichannel and chat concurrency mean that Comm100 can easily facilitate communication with prospects from multiple schools.

Immediate Answers

When students need answers fast, chatbots can deliver. A single chatbot can respond to an unlimited number of students simultaneously and without delay, any time of day.

Get to Know Your Students

With a unified agent console, it’s easier than ever to capture student contact info through chat so that you have a more complete picture of who your students are.

“The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one platform so we can connect with and support more students, more efficiently.”

— Lachlan Todd, Communications & Systems Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University

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Find out how major North American universities are using Comm100 to improve admissions & student engagement

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What about other roles in higher education?

Transforming student engagement needs all hands on deck. Take a look at the roles below to see how Comm100 can bring digital transformation to the customer experience across higher education.




Admissions officers need to be responsive to many stakeholders. Digital omnichannel makes engaging with staff and faculty easier and more efficient.

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Registrars handle some of the most sensitive enquiries in higher education. They need secure technology that provides a seamless support experience.

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Student Services

Student Services

Students services support a wide cross-section of student life. When students reach out through digital channels, they need to reach the right person the first time.

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IT looks to get the most out of technology. Supporting higher education students and faculty requires robust digital tools that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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Student Couselling

Student Counseling

To offer the best possible services, student counsellors should expand their digital reach. Students want to connect on their terms, and digital CX in higher education creates more opportunities to listen.

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

As more services move online, financial aid needs to keep up. With digital engagement, financial aid can connect with students anywhere to provide much needed peace of mind.

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