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When it comes to fast, effective, low-cost customer service solutions, nothing can compare with live chat customer service and support software! Live chat is infinitely faster than email support and many times more cost-effective and efficient than traditional telephone support.

With Comm100 Live Chat customer support software, you can answer customer support requests immediately and provide personalized service; which in turn, increases customer satisfaction and confidence. In fact, among all support methods used, live chat ranks number one for customers looking to purchase products and services online or access support for purchases they’ve already made.

Take Customer Satisfaction to New Highs

Customers really like it when their issues and problems are resolved fast. Email requires back and forth communication that can take hours, or even days. Phone support does not enable use of visual aids such as graphics and screenshots, which in some cases makes providing effective support impossible. Comm100 live chat customer service software helps your staff develop a resolution for customers easily, efficiently and immediately.

Our Customer Support Software Takes Customer Satisfaction to New Highs

Improved Efficiency with Reduced Costs

Even the best phone support agents can only talk to one customer at a time and replying to emails is time consuming. With Comm100 Live Chat live chat customer service software, your agents have true multi-tasking flexibility with the ability to chat with multiple customers or visitors simultaneously. Tools such as canned messages and shortcuts considerably improve agent efficiency to help your company achieve significant support cost savings.

Live Chat Customer Service Software Improves Efficiency with Reduced Costs

Flexible Support Structure

With Comm100 Live Chat, get complete flexibility in how you structure or tier your support. Whether you assign account managers to customers; offer different support levels to public users and paid customers; or have varying membership or customer levels, Comm100’s Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) feature makes sure support requests get to the agents or agents best equipped to handle them.

Watch Route Chats by Support Tiers
Flexible Support Structure

Comprehensive Reporting

Gauging the effectiveness of your support solution is essential to its success for both small operations with a handful of agents and large enterprises with hundreds of support agents. Comm100 Live Chat gives managers and admins access to many insightful reports to help them track important metrics, such as agent efficiency and workload, customer satisfaction, queues and waiting times and chat distribution. These reports provide valuable information to make the job of a support manager easier and to help increase agent productivity and morale.

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-Time, Remote Assistance

When it comes to providing service and support for your customers, the ability to teach and show customers with step-by-step instructions is vital. With our live chat customer support software, you and your customers have quick and instant access to the GoToMeeting screen sharing/remote desktop engine that enables agents to quickly take control of customers’ desktops and assist with problems or provide instruction. Your customers will never have to “guess” how to do something or feel powerless due to a lack of knowledge or understanding.

Real-Time, Remote Assistance

Live Chat That Grows with Your Company

Installing Comm100 Live Chat is fast and simple. Right out of the box, our live chat software is a high-performance, comprehensive support solution. Need more support power? Our customer support software is completely scalable and expandable to meet the needs of even the fastest growing companies. Adding agents takes just seconds and our ACD feature makes sure that your customers’ chat requests are handled by the correct agents.

Live Chat That Grows with Your Company

Give your customers better service
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