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Use Cases

Digital customer service solutions you can count on.

Voice Bot

Contact Center Modernization


Voice is so 2010. Your customers prefer digital channels because that’s how they live. If you’re still relying on voice to deliver competition-busting customer service, you’re already losing. Let us help you modernize your contact center with these live chat use cases – and much more.

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Support Automation


In the end, your customers just want quick answers to their questions. Most of the time, that means not waiting for a human agent. For the 80% of situations where quick>personal, we can help you automate your support with powerful, well-designed chatbots and accessible self-serve knowledge bases. Save your energy for the high-value stuff.

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Task Bot
Voice Bot

Digital CX Orchestration


How do you know when to use a bot, when to use an agent, and when to direct a customer to a self-serve knowledge base? The answer is ‘it depends’ – it depends on what you value as an organization. We’ll help you map your customer service enablement to what matters to you and your customers. You can depend on that.

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