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For over 12 years, Fitbit, Inc. has inspired people to lead healthier, more active lives. Their products and experiences fit seamlessly into any lifestyle so that anybody, anywhere can achieve their fitness goals. Here’s how Fitbit’s Health Solutions Division uses Comm100 Live Chat to decrease response time, generate $6 million in new pipeline, and close nearly $4 million in business.

The Deployment in Numbers

  • 691x ROI
  • Almost $4M in closed-win revenue
  • $6M created in opportunities

The missing piece of the customer engagement puzzle

As a trailblazer in the health and wellness industry, Fitbit Health Solutions is focused on creating highly engaging, personalized health experiences for businesses and organizations that want to encourage a healthier lifestyle for their employees and associates. Prior to deploying live chat, prospects and customers had to fill out an online form to get in touch with the Fitbit Health Solutions’ sales team. This drawn-out process of asynchronous messaging stunted engagement, sparking the search for a better process.

After extensive research, GM of Fitbit Health Solutions, Adam Pellegrini realized live chat was the missing piece of the puzzle – a channel that would allow them to drive higher engagement with their visitors by getting them the answers they were looking for as quickly as possible.

Adam believed that chat was an easier way for our team to engage with prospects quicker. We have a ‘Contact Us’ Form on our website, which is the traditional way to get in touch, but obviously the turnaround time for that type of communication is longer. We wanted a way to connect with our prospects in real-time.

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager

Tasked with this goal in mind, Sr. Business Operations Manager, Joanie Gentile and iBex Global (Fitbit Health Solutions’ third-party vendor) Team Manager, Ashley Mealey, set off on their journey to find a robust live chat solution that would meet their business needs.

Building a fast lane for leads and prospects

One of the biggest challenges they encountered on their search was finding a platform that would fit their customizability, deployment, and integration needs. Other vendors they trialed had features that were more geared towards support – a complete mismatch for their sales use case.

Comm100 was recommended by our digital marketing manager, who had used Comm100 in a past life. She spoke very highly of the product, detailing how easy it was to set up and how positive her previous experience with Comm100 had been. Many of the tools we looked at were too focused on customer success and didn’t have the right functionality for B2B sales. Comm100 had a good mix of both and supported our sales use case better than other vendors we evaluated.

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager

While evaluating live chat solutions, a colleague recommended Comm100 based on her positive prior experience. The product’s flexible deployment, multiple customization options, and robust Salesforce integration caught Joanie’s eye and the three-week trial of the product captivated the rest of the team. Comm100 offered both a unique blend of advanced product capabilities and world-class service.

Comm100 ticked all the boxes for us. We wanted something that was easily deployable, would look great on our website, and integrated well into our Salesforce CRM. We went on a free trial and the entire team bought into the solution during that three week evaluation period. When we finally did make the choice to buy, the team was excited for the onboarding and eager to start using it.

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager

Implementation was easy and intuitive. When support was needed, it was fast and effective. Their new and highly responsive customer service channel is a win for both managers and agents: As a team manager, Ashley is able to take advantage of reporting capabilities that simplify agent monitoring and raise insights into real-time service metrics. Features such as auto-translation and canned messages helped agents gain confidence quickly and deliver consistent, personalized experiences on the customer’s terms.

We often have visitors chatting in different languages; Comm100’s auto-translation feature is great. We also love the canned messages tool because it makes it easy to ensure all of our customer-facing communication is aligned and customers are getting the same answer. The Comm100 dashboard is also super easy to use: I can see how many agents are currently on chat, how many ongoing chats they currently have, and if there’s a queue. I can then make informed decisions about how and when to deploy our chat agents.

Ashley Mealey, iBex Global Team Manager

Supercharging sales through seamless experiences

Originally deployed as a lead generation tool for online orders of 100 units or less, the Fitbit Health Solutions team has seen adoption from their enterprise clients as well. Thanks to Comm100 Live Chat’s robust Salesforce integration, these inquiries are handed off from Ashley’s team to the Sales department seamlessly, so the assigned sales rep can pick up the conversation right where it was left off.

While the chat was deployed for SMB, we’ll often get customers from enterprise companies that want to place larger orders. Thanks to the robust Salesforce integration, the handoff from Ashley’s team to a sales rep is seamless. A lead will come into Comm100, it’ll be synced into Salesforce, and our internal sales team will pick it up to continue the conversation. Everything, including chat transcripts, is synced over so our enterprise sales reps are able to have more personalized, contextualized conversations. These departments of the Fitbit Health Solutions team are typically separate, but Comm100 has really helped close the gap between them.

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager

The Fitbit Health Solutions team is using Comm100 Live Chat to create better experiences for both prospects and customers. The impact is measurable, and significant: since going live, they’ve sourced $6 million worth of pipeline and closed $4 million in revenue.

To date, we have $6 million in opportunities sourced from chat and have closed about $4 million of that. In addition, our sales team loves it. The handoff from support is seamless, it’s brought in great leads, and has led to shorter sales cycles. Comm100 is a great way to interact with customers in real time. Instead of taking 24 to 48 hours to respond to a request for information through our ‘Contact Us’ form, we can get it to the sales team instantly. When we’re more responsive, we’re a lot more likely to close the deal, and do it faster too.

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager


Tying together powerful features, seamless integrations, and more personalized interactions, Comm100 helps Fitbit Health Solutions create a faster, friendlier, and frictionless sales cycle. They’re able to connect with customers in real time and establish higher-quality relationships.

Riding on the wave of their sales win, Fitbit Health Solutions is keen to expand their support hours to service more customers in different time zones. Comm100’s AI Chatbot is also on the table to help handle the easier questions so their agents can focus on the more complex interactions. Interested in downloading the full case study? Click here for a pdf copy.

About Fitbit

Fitbit Health Solutions, part of Fitbit, Inc., delivers health and wellness solutions designed to increase engagement, improve health outcomes and drive positive returns for employers, health plans and health systems. Built on Fitbit’s market-leading and ever-evolving consumer technology, their solutions help companies, plans and providers engage more meaningfully with individuals throughout their daily lives.

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