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With a simplified interface and rich content support, your team can build and maintain Knowledge Bases with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. You’ll wish every tool you used was this easy!


Comm100 Knowledge Base easily supports multiple deployments off a single platform so you can build and maintain a range of self-serve resources for as many audiences as you need – external and internal.

Integrated with live chat

Imagine your customers being able to access your knowledge base right inside the chat window. Now open your eyes. You’re there! And it works in the agent console too. Easy access for everyone!

Ideal for external and internal audiences

Knowledge base software isn’t only useful for your customers – your employees, partners, and other stakeholders can also benefit with information at their fingertips!

One platform – many audiences

With Comm100 Knowledge Base you can spin up self-serve portals for multiple audiences, keeping articles and information safely and securely segregated. Build one for employee onboarding, another for customer support, another for partners – you get the idea.

Robust security and permissions

Sometimes walls are good, especially when it comes to information. At Comm100, we make security and privacy a top priority in every application. Our Knowledge Base settings let you easily control who can see what based on their login and user profile.

Flexible content management

Get in and get out. That’s the key to successful online information distribution. Comm100 Knowledge Base is built on this core principle, for you and your visitors.

Simple, intuitive design interface

No programming skills required here! Built with an intuitive WYSIWYG interface, Comm100 Knowledge Base simplifies article creation and management. You can even embed images and hyperlinks to enhance the user experience.

Powerful search and discovery

The key to any good knowledge base is the ability to find answers quickly. Our search engine delivers accurate results lightning-fast so your users can get in, get out, and get on with their day. That’s what self-serve is all about!

Knowledge base + Live chat = A perfect match

Comm100 Knowledge Base integrates seamlessly with our live chat solution for a perfectly balanced support experience that offers the best of self-serve and agent-based assistance.

One window, two support options

Visitors can search the knowledge base right from the chat window. This helps them quickly locate what they need, especially when agents are offline or even before engaging in a live chat.

Dual-mode chat and search

Visitors can browse the knowledge base next to the Comm100 Live Chat window when needed. The search function allows you to reduce your chat volume so your agents can focus on more complicated queries.

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