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Chapter 5

Step 3: Choose Your Technology

It won’t matter that your company has a customer-centric philosophy if your operations don’t back that up. The impact of overcoming obstacles caused by siloed communication systems with multiple logins and improving the digital customer journey is huge: Research by MIT shows that companies that embrace digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers.

Once you have identified your chosen channels, it’s time to find a digital omnichannel software platform that supports them all effectively. You don’t want to spend resources trying to cobble it together yourself because that will introduce a technical and administrative price that isn’t worth it. The ideal solution will integrate with your other core business systems, including CRM, and will scale as your company grows and new technologies and channels are introduced.

The right digital omnichannel solution should also have top-notch routing, prioritization, and analytic capacities. Tools such as intelligent routing ensure that your customer’s inquiry gets to the right person at the right time, with the flexibility you need to define your own unique routing procedures. Being able to segment your customers your way — by geography, historical sales, industry, etc. — will further help you offer a more specialized and effective customer service program.

On the analytics side, you’ll want to be able to set the right KPIs, keep close tabs on them, and learn from what’s going on so you can tweak and improve how you’re delivering. Cutting corners on these components will handicap your efforts to master the digital customer journey.

A final word on technology: in this day and age there should be no compromise on security and privacy. Whether you’re in a heavily regulated industry such as healthcare or banking and are subject to strict compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS, or your organization simply holds itself accountable to a higher standard, you’ll need to find a technology partner that meets or exceeds your expectations. Ask them the tough questions because you don’t ever want to deal with the consequences of a data breach.

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