Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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By its very definition, benchmark data is supposed to serve as a yardstick for self-evaluation; you compare your own numbers to the industry standard to see how you stack up, and where you may need to improve (spoiler: there’s always room for improvement). Now in its fourth year, the Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report contains everything you need to know to fully evaluate your live chat operations and the impact it’s having on your organization. You can compare yourself to your industry group, or to contact centers of similar size.

Is your satisfaction rate better or worse?

Are you keeping visitors waiting too long before chatting?

Is your bot helping you deal with growing chat volume as your business grows, or is it negatively affecting your customers’ experiences?

Has your contact center found the sweet spot where both agent productivity and customer delight are optimized?

All the answers you seek – and more – are in the pages that follow. We’ve crunched the numbers on more than 45 million chats to help you figure out where to go to further improve how you use live chat. Pouring through the charts and accompanying analyses, you can discover new killer features that you haven’t tried yet, or you can smile smugly at how much better you are. If it’s the latter, drop me a line, I would love to know your secrets.

My big goal for 2019? To watch how your human agents get smarter, faster, and more effective through artificial intelligence tools served up through the Comm100 agent console, because not every bot will be customer-facing. AI has the potential to reinvent the agent experience as much as or maybe even more than the customer experience.

I’ll leave you with one more question: if your customers expect more from you, shouldn’t you expect more from your live chat?

Kevin Gao
CEO , Comm100 Network Corporation

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