Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

Your customers aren’t just comparing you to your competitors – they’re comparing you to the best experiences they’ve ever had. How do you stack up?

Live chat provides 24/7, real-time, personalized communication, and is a quick and affordable way to raise the bar on customer experience. We recently analyzed over 45 million chats to reveal the latest trends, best practices, and results of using live chat to engage with customers.

Use this report, containing statistics and insights from best-selling CX author Shep Hyken, Erica Marois from ICMI, and contact center expert Jeremy Watkin to see how your business can win with live chat.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Data-informed, strategy-boosting insights from over 45 million chat interactions and year over year comparisons
  • The latest customer experience trends, from over 14 major industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, and eCommerce
  • Best practices from top performers and influencers for creating a successful live chat strategy
  • How AI-powered chatbots fit into the picture and will continue to influence customer interactions

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