06/22/2018 | Release Updates – What’s New in Comm100’s Ticket Release?

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

A few months ago we launched our newly designed Comm100 Ticket system, which allows you to manage your customer interactions within the Agent Console. We are now bringing some new features to the Ticket system.

Search in All Tickets or Current Filter

We are now providing a much more user-friendly ticket searching feature. You can search all tickets within a new Search Field without needing to first go to a filter which contains the tickets you want to locate.

The option allows you to locate any tickets in your ticketing system more quickly. You can either search in All Ticket or Current Filter/Tag.

Advnced Search

Manage Tickets with Batch Actions

We now have a batch action feature in our system, allowing you to select multiple tickets and perform an action on all of them, including Delete, change Status, Priority, Assignee, etc.

Manage Tickets with Batch Actions

After you select multiple tickets, you can easily Delete all selected tickets by clicking on the trash icon. More operations are displayed as follows:

Advnced Search

Select Contact Name or Email Address from User & Contact System

Comm100’s User & Contact system stores your customers and prospect’s name and emails, in case you need to contact them in future. If your Comm100 account has enabled the User & Contact system, agents can select a user or contact from User & Contact System as a ticket Contact without entering them manually.

An additional button now appears next to the Contact field. Clicking on that button will open a pop-up window for you choose details from an existing contact.

Select Contact
Select Contact

Other Optimizations

  • Animated Effect for Ticket Loading

    When you are scrolling down to load more tickets within a Filter, an animated icon will be displayed as an indicator that more tickets are loading.

    Loading Tickets
  • Display “From” Email When Quick Replying

    The “From” email field shows which email address will be used to reply to the ticket. This is especially useful when you have multiple email accounts set up in your ticket system. Email addresses can be amended by selecting from a drop-down list.

    Display From Email
  • Remove Assigned Date Value

    You can now remove the Date which has been assigned to each ticket. This could be useful in certain scenarios. For example, you may have defined a follow-up Date for the ticket, and after you resolve the case and close the ticket, you might also want to remove the follow-up date.

    Empty Date Value

We hope these new features enhance your experience with our Ticket system. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, you can share them in our User Voice Site or you can chat with us now.

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