03/01/2019 | Release Notes – Third Party Bots and Salesforce Integration Enhancements

February 21st, 2019 | Release & Updates

In this release, we have improved the functionality of our salesforce integration and introduced the ability to integrate third-party bots into our platform. Read on to learn more about these great enhancements:

  1. Salesforce Integration Enhancement

    Agents can now edit Salesforce Cases and Tasks inside the Agent Console.

    When manually creating Salesforce a Leads or Cases in the Agent Console, agents now can click the Lead or Task button and manually edit Salesforce field data.

    SF enhancement

    There will also be a Salesforce tab in the Agent Console for agents to update the Lead/Contact/Case/Task fields when one is set to be created automatically after a chat ends which is not there in the previous versions.

    SF enhancement
    SF enhancement

    Agents have the option to change the Lead/Contact associated with a chat under the Salesforce tab in case it is matched incorrectly.

  2. Third-party Bot
    You now have the option to integrate a third-party bot and deploy it using the Comm100 control panel. Set up is quick and easy since you only need to provide a webhook URL to set up the integration. Here is the detailed article about how you can use a third-party bot in conjunction with Comm100 Live Chat.
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