How to Add Comm100 Live Chat to Your Joomla! Website?

Comm100 Live Chat Joomla! Plugin enables you to add a chat module to your Joomla! website. Follow the guide below to have live chat on your website and chat with your visitors in real time.

Install Com100 Live Chat Joomla! Plugin

  1. Download Comm100 Live Chat Joomla! Plugin.

  2. Log into your Joomla! website admin panel, go to Extensions and click Extension Manager.

    Extension Manager in Joomla
  3. Upload the plugin downloaded in Step 1 and click Upload & Install to add a chat module to your Joomla! website.

    Install Live Chat plugin to Joomla

Link up Comm100 with Your Joomla! Website

  1. Go to the Module Manager page and click on the newly installed Joomla! chat module.

    Module Manager in Joomla
  2. Provide the site ID, email and password of your Comm100 account to link up your Comm100 Live Chat account with the Joomla! website. If you’re new to Comm100, you can directly sign up for a new one within your Joomla! admin panel.

    Note: If you have multiple campaigns in your account, you will be asked to select one you want to use on your website.

Pick Position for Your Joomla! Chat Module

  1. Pick a position for the Joomla! chat module and choose Published as the module status.

    Pick Position for Joomla Chat Module
  2. Go to the Menu Assignment tab and select on which pages you’d like to display your chat button.

    Module Assignment in Joomla
  3. Hit Save to finish the settings.

    Chat Button Show in Joomla

Now you have successfully added your live chat to the Joomla! website. You can click Get online & chat from the module setting page to start chatting with your visitors, or click Campaign to directly access Comm100 control panel and tailor your live chat style.

Comm100 offers multiple apps of chat console, including web app, desktop app and mobile apps. No matter where you’re working, you can provide instant help for your visitors.