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How to Update My Old Code?

As announced, the old Comm100 Live Chat code will stop working on August 1. To stay connected with your clients, please follow the step by step instruction below to update your code before then. If you don’t have the permission to get or update the code, please contact your live chat admin.

Check which website under your account is using the old code

  1. Log into your Comm100 account;

  2. Find your site ID (your unique account identifier) at the end of the url in your address bar. You can see the sample below. The number 10000 after “siteId” is the one we are looking for.

    Find Your Site ID

    Note: If you have multiple accounts with Comm100, please do the same to get all of your site IDs.

  3. Click here to go to the Old Code Check Tool.

    • On this page, you can input your site ID and start your search. You will get a list of detected websites with old code based on your site ID. Please note that the data we provide may not be complete. It’s recommended that you check every corner of all your websites to make sure no web page is left out. After getting the list under your site ID, you can begin your update.

      Get Websites with Old Live Chat Code
    • You can also input your URLs to check whether they are using the old code. Also, after completing the update, you can simply put your website URLs into this column, check their current code status, and see if there is any page with old code left.

      Check if a Web Page Is Updated

Get the new code

  1. Go to Installation in the Live Chat module;

  2. Copy the live chat code in the code box.

    Get Live Chat Code

    Note: If you have multiple campaigns, make sure you choose the right campaign with the campaign filter.

    Choose Plan for Right Code

Replace the old code

  1. Find the old code on your website;

  2. replace it with the new one.

    Note: If you are using Comm100 Live Chat WordPress or Joomla plugin, please update it to the latest version.

After that, if you are not sure whether all of your websites are using the new code, just input URLs onto the old code check page and double check their code status.

Go to our website and chat with us when you need any help.

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