How to add Comm100 Live Chat onto my Facebook?

Comm100 Live Chat can be used in your Facebook with the help of app named as Static HTML:iframe tabs.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Facebook account and open the link in your web browser.

    Note: If you are already using this app on your page, please look for applications “Static HTML…[Second Tab]”, “Static HTML…[Third Tab]”, etc.

  2. Click Add Static HTML to a Page.

    Add Static HTML to Facebook Page
  3. Choose Facebook Pages on which the chat button will be displayed and click Add Page Tab.

    Choose Facebook Page

    Note: If you receive a message saying “You must have permission to add apps to at least one Facebook Page to perform the requested action.”, you MUST first create a Facebook page by clicking Create a Page before installing any apps. Facebook only allows apps to be installed on pages, not your personal Facebook profile.

  4. Go to the Page where you want to add the chat button and click the button named as Welcome.

    Click on Welcome Button
  5. Click Edit tab button.

    Edit Facebook Tab
  6. Paste the Live Chat code and click Save & Publish.

    Paste Live Chat Code to Facebook

Now, Comm100 Live Chat is successfully installed onto your Facebook. Your visitors can click the chat button on the page to chat with you in real time.