How do I set up a new Auto Follow Up?

September 12th, 2018 | Comm100 Ticket

With Comm100 Ticket Auto Follow Up, the system will automatically send predefined email notifications to your customers or agents based on customized rules.

Whenever your agents are out of office or on vacation, it is helpful to set up an Auto Follow Up, so that your clients won’t get frustrated with your lack of reply. It is also helpful to have Auto Follow Ups sent to customers sending new queries to let them know that the message has been received and is being worked on.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into the Control Panel and go to the Ticket module.

  2. Click Settings then Auto Follow Up.

    auto follow up settings
  3. Click New Auto Follow Up to set the conditions under which the Auto Follow Up will be sent.

    New auto follow up
  4. Set a Name for the New Auto Follow Up and check Enable.

    Name auto follow up

    Note: In Advanced Settings , you can specify if you want Auto Follow Up messages displayed in the ticket correspondence history.

  5. Specify the conditions for when the Auto Follow Up rule will be triggered.

    Specify Condition

    Note: You can also add more conditions by clicking More Conditions if necessary. If you want to create an Auto Follow Up for every new ticket, the triggered event should be defined as “When a ticket is created”.

  6. Configure the recipients who will receive the Auto Follow Up email.

    • With Send Email to Ticket Contacts selected, the Auto Follow Up emails will be automatically sent to all contacts in the last email you received.
    • If Send Email to Ticket Contacts is not selected, the Auto Follow Up emails are only sent to the agents you selected.
    Configure Recipeint

    Note: The email of an operator must be different from the email server(s) in your Ticket module, otherwise you may run into an endless loop.

  7. Define the Email Content.

    Define Email Content

    Click Add Fields, you can add Macro Parameters to personalize your Auto Follow Up emails based on your needs. The Macro Parameters can be used in both the subject and the body of the follow-up email.

    When an Auto Follow Up email with Macro Parameters is sent out, each macro parameter in the email will be replaced by the value of its relevant field (Either Comm100 system fields or your own custom fields).

    Add field
  8. Save your settings.

Now Auto Follow Up emails will be sent to all emails that arrive after the rule has been applied. You can set up multiple rules to enable internal notification which can boost the efficiency of your agents and improve customer service quality.

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