According to our most recent benchmark study performed in concert with CCW, chats per website visit jumped by more than 50% between 2016 and 2017.

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Why live chat?

Better service

Messaging and live chat help you connect personally to each customer on your site, increasing retention and conversion as you level up your customer experience.

More productivity

Live chat agents can easily handle 3X more inquiries than phone-based agents. Scale up your customer support quickly and easily, on a platform they’ll love using.

More revenue

Customers who chat before purchasing have a 40% higher conversion rate.

Best online chat tool in the market.

The usability feature is excellent, I started with 1 person in my company and did POC for this software and management was pretty impressed with the features and ease of use. There are definitely excellent tools in the market for chat support but for us Comm100 worked the best. We have expanded it to our intranet, agents, and customers for communication.

– Smita K.

Messaging for your website, your app, and your social media properties.

The Comm100 multi-channel conversation platform goes wherever your customers go, so they can reach you whenever and wherever they want. With our mobile app your agents aren’t tied to the desk either, so go ahead, take them out for that birthday lunch!

One platform. Many ways to have a conversation.

When is live chat more than live chat? When it’s Comm100 live chat. Engage with your visitors via traditional messaging, or get more intimate with audio, video, co-browsing and remote control. Share files and URLs to resolve issues and complete transactions more quickly.

AI-powered chat: the time has come.

Chatbots have reached the mainstream and are easier to develop and deploy than you ever imagined. Comm100’s AI-powered chat helps you handle more volume and solve more inquiries quickly and reliably using our advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make your customers feel right at home.

Drive continuous improvement through detailed analytics.

Comm100’s deep analytics paint a crystal-clear picture of your chat activity. But we don’t stop there. We’ll show you how chat is impacting your business, from closing support tickets to downloading content to helping to fill shopping carts. Don’t just chat – convert!

Security and scalability built for the enterprise.

You need complete confidence in the data security, privacy, and availability of every system you use. That’s why we use tier 1 data centers and adhere to the highest standards of data security. Never settle for anything less.

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Considering live chat?

Our Live Chat Buyer’s Guide can help.
We’ve kept it short and on point so you can:

  • Understand the scope of benefits of live chat
  • Assess your needs from must-haves to extras
  • Know what to ask vendors to judge their offerings