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Offline Message Window

Comm100 Live Chat allows your visitors leave offline messages by clicking the chat button when agents are not online. This enables you to obtain visitor names, email addresses, phone numbers and so on for follow-up purposes.

Comm100 Live Chat Customize Offline Message Window

Customize the Offline Message Window

Tailor the offline message window to your preferences.

  • Greeting message
    Customize the greeting message that displays in the offline message window. For example, some businesses like to include their online hours in the greeting message.
  • Fields
    Comm100 Live Chat provides a default list of fields, such as name and email address, that are added to your offline message window.
    Additionally, you can add custom fields, such as an order number, per your needs. Field types include text, radio box, check box and others.

Custom CSS

You can add your own CSS code to customize your offline message window style. For example, you can change the color of the greeting message and button that appears on your offline message window, define the style of the fields (their font size, name, color, etc.), and more.

Customize Offline Message Window with JavaScript

Custom JavaScript

Use custom JavaScript to apply styling, layout, and content changes to your offline message window outside the boundaries of existing settings. For example, you can display your existing Contact Us page directly in the offline message window, or implement interdependent questions in the window where the selection of the first field determines the content of the second select field.

Comm100 Live Chat Offline Message

Receive Offline Messages by Email

Automatically send offline messages to designated email accounts so you can follow up in timely manner. Multiple email addresses can be pre-defined for receiving messages from visitors. You can check all offline messages in History.

Comm100 Live Chat Offline Message Use Your Own Form

Use Your Own Form

On top of Comm100’s offline message window, you are also able to use your own offline message form so that visitors can leave their contact information and messages during your off hours.

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