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100% Hosted & Web-Based

No Installation & Zero Maintenance

Comm100 Knowledge Base is fully hosted and managed by Comm100. No software to download or install. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work on the sever side to simplify your IT infrastructure so that you can have more time to spend on running your business.

High Availability & Reliability

We completely understand the importance of high reliability and security to your business. To ensure the highest possible availability, we use high-end HP servers to run the application, world-class data center to host our server farm, and RAID ADG to protect your data from hard disk failure. Rigorous backup and disaster recovery plan are enforced.

100% Web Based

You and your visitors only need a web browser to use Comm100 Knowledge Base. Comm100 Knowledge Base is fully cross browser compatible. Your visitors can access the knowledge base with any standard web browser of their choice, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari, etc.

Integrated with Other Comm100 Applications

Integration with Comm100 Ticket

This enables you to quickly insert a knowledge base article into your ticket response as well as submit a ticket as a knowledge base article candidate.

Integration with Comm100 Help Desk

This enables your customers to access your knowledge base in your help desk, which offers a centralized place for your customer service channels.

Integration with Comm100 User

With the integration, you can have a 360 degree view of a user’s information, including chat transcripts, offline messages, tickets, search history, etc.

Fully Customizable Knowledge Base Solution

Fully Customizable Knowledge Base Solution
  • Having Your Own Logo

    You can put your own logo on your knowledge base to maintain your brand identity.

  • Selectable Page Style

    You can choose one preferred page style for your knowledge base that best fits your site feel and look.

  • Fully Customizable Header & Footer

    You can fully customize the header and footer of your knowledge base to make it fit with your website style.

  • Display Settings

    You can customize rules that define the layout and outlook of your knowledge base.

User-Friendly Self-Help System

Categorized Display & Auto Breadcrumbs

Articles are categorized in your knowledge base. All visited pages of your knowledge base, from the home page to the currently viewed page, are recorded. This makes it easy for your visitors to find answers and backwards navigation.

Easy Full-Text Search

It’s easy for your visitors to search for what they need in your knowledge base. Both quick search and advanced search are supported. The search result is displayed according to the degree of relativity.

Featured Articles Sticky

Featured articles are listed ahead of non-featured articles, so that your visitors can easily notice them.

Related Articles

A list of related articles is displayed with every article, which helps your visitors get more related information.

Popular Articles & Latest Viewed Articles

Popular Articles and Latest Viewed Articles in your knowledge base are automatically recorded and displayed to your visitors.

Article Information

Full information of an article, including Views, Attachment, Related Articles, Feedbacks, etc. is recorded.

Easy-to-Use Management Portal

Unlimited Categories & Articles

Unlimited Categories & Articles

You can create unlimited categories and articles and categorize your knowledge base information in the best possible way.

What You See Is What You Get

What You See Is What You Get

The build-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editor of Comm100 Knowledge Base helps you quickly create an engaging article or edit your existing articles.

Draft Management & Recycle Bin

Draft Management & Recycle Bin

Draft is a draft article which is not visible to public visitors. After an article is saved as a draft, another operator can see and edit the draft. Drafts can be made public when finished. Recycle bin protects your information from being deleted by mistake. All categories and articles deleted will be moved into the Recycle Bin first. But if you further remove them from the Recycle Bin, they can no longer be restored.

Article Attachment

Article Attachment

You can attach any file to an article in your knowledge base. The maximum size of an attachment is 20MB.

Article Template

Article Template

An article template is a template used for creating a knowledge base article. You can create a new article template, edit and delete an existing article template.



You can attach labels to your articles, which helps you categorize and locate articles.

Feedback Moderation

Feedback Moderation

You can moderate clients’ feedback before they are published.

Multilingual Article

Multilingual Article

Non-Latin char sets including non-UTF-8 encodings and special characters are supported.

Feedback & Share

Feedback & Share
  • Share on Social Network

    Visitors can easily share the articles onto their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts.

  • Bookmark & Email to Friends

    Visitors can quickly bookmark an article they like or share an article with their friends, customers or associates by email.

  • Article Export

    You can allow visitors to export the articles they like to Text or CSV format.

  • Article Rating & Comment

    Visitors can rate an article as helpful or not helpful as well as leave a comment to an article.

Permission Settings

Visit Permission

You can define who can access your knowledge base. Four options are provided: Public, User & Operators, Operators Only and Closed.

Operator Permission

You can define the permissions of each operator, including Manage Site Settings, Manage Categories, Manage Articles, Manage Feedback, Manage Labels, Permanently Delete Articles and View Reports.

Feedback Settings

You can define who can leave feedback in your knowledge base; whether the feedback needs to be moderated by operators and who can view the feedback.

Report & Statistics

Categories Statistics

Categories Statistics shows you how many categories you have, which one is most popular, which one is least popular and your top ten most popular categories.

Article Statistics

Article Statistics shows you how many articles you have, which get the most views, the number of articles created during a specific month and the number of the articles created or updated by one operator during a period of time.

Search Statistics

Search Statistics shows you the successful searches, the failed searches and the most popular search conducted by visitors in your knowledge base.

Author Statistics

Authors Statistics shows you the top 10 authors who gain the largest number of total views from all the articles created by them.


USD 19 operator/mo

Unlimited Categories & Articles

Your Own Branding

Full Customization


Article Management

Feedback & Share

Report & Analysis

Integration with Other Comm100 Apps

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